Holes Book Review

Holes by Louis Sachar.This book was about a child called Stanley Yelnats. Stanley was sent to a camp for something he didn’t do which was unfair.The Book was great because the author made good tension,such near the end of the book they found a case but there were yellow spotted lizards all over them and you didn’t know if they were going to be bit or not.The yellow spotted lizards are poisonous.The genre of this book was Adventure Fiction.The weird thing is the warden wore poisonous nail varnish.

The main theme of holes was Friendship and Justice.Stanley also made friends at the camp and they all had nicknames such as Zero,Squid,Zigzag,Xray,Magnet,Armpit and Twitch. There was also a weird repeating poem which there were different versions of every where in the book such as

If only, If only, the moon speaks no reply;

Reflecting the sun and all that’s gone by.

 be strong my weary wolf,turn around boldly

Fly high,my baby bird,

My angel,my only

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By Aidan

Nicola Davies Visit

Yesterday Nicola Davies came in to talk with us about her books as part of the Scottish Book Trust 20th Anniversary Tour.  She has mostly based her stories with animals in them because before she was an author she was a zoologist and there was a book that she was telling us about and it was about a boy that got his arm pulled of  by a lion, it’s name was The Lion Who Stole My Arm. The  real story that it was based on was about a 5 year old boy who got attacked by a lion and even though his arm didn’t come off he had to get it amputated because the attack was so bad. She was also telling us about animals that she was looking at such as: lionesses, humpback whales etc. When she was talking to us about the humpback whales she noticed when she was studying them that mostly every day and hour of the day the whales would eat then eat then eat again. Also to have a little fun we learned how to sing like a whale.  Nicola Davies also wrote a climate change book called Gaiya and because we are doing climate change as one of out topics that was very interesting. We also wrote climate change poems. We have been researching a lot of different facts and effects that climate change has on the world. We could either write a kenning, a haiku or a free verse poem.  We thought that the visit as very exciting learning about lots of different animals.

By Rebecca and Rowan

10th Anniversary Burn’s Ceilidh

On  Friday 26th of January Port Ellen primary school had our 10th anniversary Burns Celidh.  We had loads of people from the community coming to join us and we all had great fun.  We had all learned different Scots poems for the poetry competition and the judges came in to hear us read them before we all went to lunch.  At lunch the Primary 7s said their poem,  Address to the Haggis over the haggis and Lauren got to cut the haggis open.  After lunch we went to the hall to celebrate with our family and friends.  We did lots of Scottish Country dancing;  my favourite was the Virginia reel.  We also heard people play their musical instruments; Rowan and Rebecca did a duet on the accordian and tin whistle.    All the winners of the poems read them out:  P1 was Rachael, P2 was Chloe, P3 was Mya, P4 was Kayla, P5 was Dearbhla, P6 was Aidan and P7 was Rowan.  We all had a great time and enjoyed tea and shortbread made by Mrs Holyoke afterwards.  Thanks to everyone who came along.

Listen to two of our poems below:


The Amazing Black Tide.

Black Tide is a book by the author Caroline Clough and had lots of adventure. The main character is Toby and in the book he had to try to rescue his little sister Sylvie and his dad. They had been captured by invaders and held captive. All the people who are invaders had a NC tattoo on their wrist and Toby used that to tell who to stay away from because the invaders were after Toby as well.

btAt the beginning Toby had been captured but managed to escape but he didn’t manage to save his family so all through the book he was making up plans to save Sylvie and his dad. He met a girl called Natasha but all her friends call her Tash. In the middle of the book there are dogs and Toby called the biggest, fluffiest, blackest dog Cerberus after Greek mythology.

The author is Caroline Clough and she came to our class for the book fair. It was amazing when she came in and she told us about her family and her childhood and how she became an author. She said there will be another book called Silver Seas and I am really excited about it coming out!

Reciprocal Reading


This is how you do reciprocal reading.

You read some of your book and  you choose an activity.  Then you write about it after that you talk about it to the rest of your group. The activities are Predicting, Clarifying,  Questioning, Summarizing, Connecting, Visualizing, Inferring, Evaluating.  This is how you get better at understanding what you read.  We are reading Cool by Michael Morpurgo.