Bottle Rockets

Last week some people came to our school and made bottle rockets with us. Some bottles were big and some small some green some clear. We also got to decorate them then we went outside to launch them we launched all of ours then they launched and it went flying and almost went in the field we went to go get it then we went back to our classroom and they showed us the process of how it gets air and how it doesn’t spill. And then they left and we were all very happy that that happened then we got on with our work.


We were learning about the importance of exercise and how it is good for us. We had lots of good ideas. Over the next few weeks we are going to look at different aspects of fitness.  We were finding out about the different aspects of fitness…speed, strength, flexibility, agility and stamina. We did some activities to test how good we were.


This morning we have been investigating the red cog. This helps us to think about how different emotions feel inside our bodies and where we feel them. We watched the story Marvin gets Mad to help us think about how anger bubbles and builds inside us. We then used our Emotion Work resources to help us think about other emotions. We drew around Cievah and used her body shape to help us think. We then used tickets which showed the different body parts and added some describing words to think about how these felt – shaky, cold, tight, tense, butterflies… Afterwards we worked in small teams to do the same outdoors with different emotions.

Farkin Distillery Google Meet

On Monday 22 of March, The school had a google meet with Georgie Crawford the manager of the new Farkin distillery  which i being built next to the school.

These are some of the questions we asked:

  • When do you think FarKin distillery will be finished?
  • ls the distillery going to have a malt floor?
  • How many floors are they going to have?
  • Is it going to have a visitor center?

The answers:

  1. The end of next year!!!
  2. The distillery is going to have a malt floor!!
  3. The distillery is going to have 3 floors.
  4. It is going to have a visitor center and a teaching centre.

This has really helped with our distillery project!

Football Tournament Away

So on Sunday Port Ellen juniors went on a trip to Campbelltown and we played against them and won 3-1.  The goals were like this; so we were down 1-0 and then Finlay got the assist for Jack’s good goal and then we were level and then Callum from his own half almost scored but Murray tapped it into the goals. This made us 2-1 up. so then the last goal we got was Murray got an assist to Jack’s other goal and as soon  as he got the goal the match ended. There the score was 3-1 to us and then we went home on the bus to the ferry with a smile on our face.

Our Corncrake Books

We have been learning about corncrakes with David Wood from the RSPB.  We made corncrake books in groups on Book Creator.  We made one about a game called egg hunters. We had to have rules that were you had  at least 1 hider and at least 1 hunter to play. In our group we had William Campbell, Hugh Mackinnon, Thomas Edwards and Duncan Campbell. There was five different groups that made them they were called Crazy Corncrakes, Corncrake runners, Corncrake Escape  and Corncrake Kahoot.


On Tuesday the 15th of March we went on a trip to the RSPB. We helped planting lots of thing like, cowparsley, nettles and hogweed. We went here because Evie’s dad is teaching us about corncrakes and that is the reason we went to the RSPB reserve.

When we arrived we met the people that work at the RSPB. The people that we met were David, Laura and Dave. Then we went up the hill and started to plant things. We planted the nettles first.  We had to dig holes to plant them in, then we scattered hogweed seeds everywhere.  Finally we planted Iris plants in the stream at the bottom of the field.  We also got to use view-finders to spot Golden Eagles.  It was a great day out!


This morning we looked at the yellow emotion works cog. This helps us talk about the triggers for our emotions. We used Ruby’s Worry by Tom Percival to help us think about our worries and have been busy creating a new wall display to replace The Colour Monster that we have had up for a wee while.

School Trip To Bruichladdich

On Wednesday March the 2nd the whole school went on a trip to Bruichladdich. Why we went is because we are doing a topic on distilleries. 


First when we got there we learnt about foraging. There were different types of plants on the table like gorse, bog myrtle, spearmint, and a lot more! After we learnt about foraging, we made our own jar of dried plants. I put some different plants in my jar and crushed them all up which made a sweet minty smell. To forage they use a secateurs which is like a pair of pliers to cut the plants. Once they collected all the plants, they put them in a bag that works like a tea bag. Eventually they put them on a shelf to dry in a warehouse. 


After that we went up to talk with Adam and Julie. Adam talked about the process of whisky and Julie talked about the jobs. We talked about what we were good at, then the jobs that you could do that involved distillery jobs. I would be good at designing labels and bottles. Next, we smelled whisky scents. The first one I thought was pineapple, but it was Lemon; it smelt good. The second one I guessed was honey and it was honey! The third one I guessed was vanilla extract, but it was just vanilla. 


Thirdly we went on a tour. The class went to the Malt room first. It was where all the barley is fermented with yeast. We got to smell some barley as well. There was the first normal barley that smelt good. Then the next barley was smoked barley, so it smelt much stronger. The next place we went was the mash tun. It was cool and they had an open one and there are only five in the world! The masher is 108 years old. There was a big mixer in the masher to mix all the boiling water. The next place we went was the wash backs. The wash back is where the alcohol finds its way into the distillery’s whisky. The wash backs go right down to floor ground because the floor is lifted to the roof. After the wash backs it was the still room. There were stills that are 148 years old! There is a still that is called ugly Betty too! Lastly on the tour was the barrel room with barrels that are so old! 

Lastly, we did some maths to do with distilleries, so we measured the alcohol in the drink, and it showed on the thermometer. Then we hopped on the bus and went to Port Mor for lunch. Port Mor also gave us cakes and drinks! Then we hopped back on the bus and went to the museum. 

At the museum we had to find some old distillery stuff. I found a bottle of whisky and a illiat still which is illegal and way more. It was interesting looking at all the old stuff. 

Overall, it was a fun and interesting experience and I really enjoyed it. The distillery people were really kind, the same as Port Mor and the museum.  

By Katie 532 words    


Tree Planting

The Bee Healthy citizens group ordered some free fruit trees and hedging plants from the Tree Council last year, so we could start to make an orchard to grow our own fruit. The trees arrived on Thursday, and we had to plant them before the holidays, so today we were out planting trees and hedging in the hail and snow! We were very lucky to Have Gordon Currie and Ello come and dig a trench for the hedging plants for us. Hopefully this autumn we will have some fruit to pick!


On Wednesday the 2nd of February schools came together at Bowmore to have rugby tournament. The schools included were, Port Ellen, Bowmore, Keils, Port Charlotte and Small Isles. (Jura)

When we got to Bowmore, we started to do some games to get ready before we actually did the real thing. The first game was Port Ellen and Bowmore, at the end of the first game Port Ellen won by two points.

We all brought pack lunches and sat at our side of the pitch. We split out teams in to 10 or 9 people to be even with the upcoming team. Everyone did extremely well in the tournament, and we may be doing it again very soon.

Bag Design Upcycling 5/6/7

From the 7th of January to the 12th 2022 we did a project on fast fashion.  Fast fashion is where people buy cheap clothes and they wear out very quickly so they have to buy more . This is a problem because it’s very wasteful and very bad for the environment  since they go to landfill. Did you know that children in child labour pick the cotton for these jeans and they spray it with acid and sand to get ripped jeans which causes the children to get sick and have lung diseases?

We did not like the idea of this and decided to make our own bags’ from old material. By doing this we learnt how to hand sew, use a sewing machine and I learned to use a popper tool. To practice for making the bag we all had to do mock-ups made out of paper, tape and staples.  I feel that when you make something for yourself you look after it more or if it cost a lot of money. On seesaw we have posted 2 seesaw activities one was a collage on bags we like and the other was a bag design with measurements and photos. When we finished our bags we had a fashion show with Mrs Macdonald and posted it on seesaw.

SHINTY P.E By William And Finlay

Shinty  is a sport that we play at P.E and you use a stick that is like a hockey stick and a light baseball on the all weather pitch.

We have been practising our shooting and dribbling and some people have been  defending and goalkeeping.  We have learned that shinty is hard and shinty sticks are easy to break! Shinty sticks in Gaelic are called caman. We wear shinty helmets which are very tight and sore on your head . We have proper sticks and fake ones but the fake ones are better because they are a lot harder so they do not break.

Fitheach: "The origins of shinty are ancient, although the m…" - Mastodon

Gaelic Lessons With Caroline

This term we have been learning Gaelic with Caroline, Caroline is a online Gaelic teacher who teaches kids Gaelic through video call. We have been learning hobbies in Gaelic, food in Gaelic and we also do actions to remember.  We also learned about jumping and sitting down and listening. Some examples are, sit in Gaelic is suidhe, Stand in Gaelic seasamh, jump in Gaelic is leum.

Caroline teaches P12, P234, P567.


On Wednesday p5/6/7 & p2/3/4 had a google meet with Arkdefo to show us  how they make their items of clothing with denim. They came on because  p5/6/7 made bags from old clothes we brought in. We had asked them questions about how they made the clothes and if they hand sewed anything. All of there stuff is machine sewed.

All of there fabric they go to peoples houses and ask if they have any denim or they go to charity shops for denim or you could post them. Some the they make the pattern and then stick it to cardboard.

If you want to see their website click the link



RSPB Corncrake Project

On the 27th of January David Wood a member of the RSPB came in to the school to teach primary 5,6 & 7 about corncrakes. He taught them all the need to know facts about corncrakes, and gave them some quizzes on corncrakes. Here are some of the need to know facts :                                                                                Corncrake have two sets of eggs each year.                                                                             Corncrakes are extremely rear and we are very lucky to have them on the Isle of Islay.                                                                                                                                                          Corncrakes Latin name is Crex crex.                                                                                             Corncrake males will call at the top of there voices from midnight to three am in the morning.                                                                                                                                          Corncrakes migrate to Africa in winter then come back and stay from April to September to mate the find there way by following certain stars they also know which direction south, east, west and north are in.

How Ireland's elusive corncrake has come back from the brink of extinction


This  year the p7s read address to a haggis by Robert Burns in front of the whole school on the stage. Callie then cut the haggis in half with a knife. We had two weeks to practice it and learn it. The poem had 8 verses and we had to read four of them and we had to stay in sync .  In the poem it was talking about how good the haggis was and was saying it was better than French food . They said that only brave people can eat it. We also had the haggis on our lunch. We then had a great lunch.


P5 Burns Poems Port Ellen Primary school

Port Ellen Primary did some poems and Primary 5 did up in the Morning Early and put it on to seesaw and the poem is

Cauld blaws the wind frae east to west, 
The drift is driving sairly; 
Sae loud and shill's I hear the blast
I'm sure it's winter fairly. 

Up in the morning's no for me, 
Up in the morning early; 
When a' the hills are covered wi' snaw, 
I'm sure it's winter fairly. 

The birds sit chittering in the thorn, 
A' day they fare but sparely; 
And lang's the night frae e'en to morn
I'm sure it's winter fairly
Up in the morning's no for me, 
Up in the morning early; 
When a' the hills are covered wi' snaw, 
I'm sure it's winter fairly.

All the words were hard to learn and the meanings were hard to learn snaw means snow cauld means cold.


P6 Robert Burns Poem

On Tuesday 25th January 2022 P5/6/7 had to learn a poem each.
The p6's had to learn Scots Wha Hae. The scots wha hae poem is about 
the Scottish fighting the English at
Bannock burn. On the seesaw post, we all had to a different verse 
Verse 1 was Finlay and Teddy
Verse 2 was William
Verse 3 was Iona
Verse 4 was Dylan
Verse 5 was Chloe
Verse 6 was James
Here is the poem Scots Wha Hae

Scots, wha hae wi' Wallace bled, 
Scots, wham Bruce has aften led, 
Welcome to your gory bed, 
Or to Victorie! 

Now's the day, and now's the hour; 
See the front o' battle lour; 
See approach proud Edward's power 
Chains and Slaverie! 

Wha will be a traitor knave? 
Wha can fill a coward's grave? 
Wha sae base as be a Slave? 
Let him turn and flie:

Wha, for Scotland's King and Law, 
Freedom's sword will strongly draw, 
Free-man stand, or Free-man fa', 
Let him follow me. 				

By Oppression's woes and pains! 
By your Sons in servile chains! 
We will drain our dearest veins, 
But they shall be free! 

Lay the proud Usurpers low! 
Tyrants fall in every foe! 
Liberty's in every blow! 
Let us Do- or Die!!!

Art Competitions

On Wednesday we took part on a Edinburgh national art gallery competition. We have been doing a topic on observational drawing with Mrs. Brown that I really enjoy! Observational drawing is were you look at something and draw it.

First Mrs. Brown set up fruit and plants on a table. We all put our tables round the fruit like a bonfire so we could all se it at different angles. We first got to practice our shading on a wee set up of fruit. Then we got A2 paper to do the real drawing on. I sketched all out. Then I started to paint with water colors. Then did some shading with pastels. I finally finished after a long two days.

I waited till I forgot that we did it! Then Mrs. Brown announced that someone in the class won! We all gave a long drum roll then she said “Katie won!” I was over the moon with joy!


Sorcha’s Winning Fish!!!

Sorcha won the Marine Design a fish Competition. She drew a picture of a imaginary fish and won the Competition.  The fish was very colorful and creative.

First you had to draw the fish on a piece of paper. Then you need to send it in a email to the Marine Design a fish competition leaders.  Finally they pick a winner and turn the winners designs into a toy.

Here is a picture of Sorcha’s fish.

Outdoor Learning in ELC

We went on an Ardventure this morning down the dump road and to the rocks at the far end of the Ard. We were Ardventurers! It was great fun and we hope to go more adventures and be Ardventurers again soon 🤩



We have been learning about COP26 and what it is about. It started on the 1 of NOV to the 12 of NOV and it is held in Glasgow. There are 30,000 people going to attend at COP26, and 198 of them are very famous people from all around the world. Some of the famous people going are Joe Biden, Boris Johnson and Greta Thunberg and many more will be there at COP26. COP26 stands for conference of the parties.

COP26 are going to try and solve the problem of CLIMATE CHANGE! Some major disasters, that might happen if we don’t try to stop climate change, is that the temperature might rise up 1.5C and the water levels might rise 1.1 meters. But if we don’t do anything until 2030, the water levels might rise up to 5 meters. WHO WAN’TS THAT TO HAPPEN! What the Scotland is trying to achieve is to be net zero by 2030 and to make all cars electric, and to make the cheaper.

The reason why they are doing it is because everyone needs to help solve the problem of climate change.

James= I think that the people at COP26 have not done enough because I don’t think that any of them are going to do anything about it.

Dylan= I think that they have done enough because they have discussed that what they are going to do and what is going to happen.


COP26: What are these climate talks and why are they so important? | Climate News | Sky News


Message in a Bottle

The Message in a Bottle project was created for COP26 and involves school children from islands around the world. The idea came about when a film-maker on Uist found a message in a bottle from a local man in Greenland that had been buried in the iceflow that then melted; the message was about his worry about the effects of climate change on his island.  We decided to take part as we live on an island and are worried about the effects on our island and others around the world.  Islands are more likely to be affected by rising sea levels.

The whole class did it and went on the beach and Mrs Clark filmed us. We sent them to Andy McKinnon. Andy made a three meter bottle and he made videos of us then he sent them to COP26 where anyone can see.  We are very proud to be involved in this project.



We had a google meet with Jenni Minto.  She is a member of the MSP and she used to work in the museum in port charlotte.  She taught us about the important about the environment and planet. She has been to COP26 and she passed a speech. Jenni talked with us for a long time on the google meet and showed us cool things about climate change and how we can help the environment. Jenni told us that we have rain forests on Islay but they are not tropical rain forests. The reason Jenni is doing this is to help our future.

help out planet. If we do not stop this out future is gone.  Jenni also grows her own plants to help the environment you should to.  Port Ellen Primary School is inspired by people like Jenni for the things that she is doing to help the globe, she also explained to us about the worlds blanket / the worlds atmosphere. The worlds blanket is a blanket the covers the world and it is called that because of the suns heat that gets trapped inside it. This heats up an atmosphere like a blanket.

By Iona and Mya

Gaelic Google Meet

Primary 5/6/7 have had some google meet’s with people from Lewis and know Gaelic very well and were teaching P5to7 Gaelic  and all the essentials in Gaelic. So P5/6/7 are getting good at it the person’s name is Caroline she is very good at Gaelic and today we were learning about family.

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