Peat land’s

On the 2nd of June we went over the Ard to learn about peatland’s. Every year peat grow’s 1 centimeter. If it reached 1000 centimeters it would have of been  like the beginning of Stonehenge. There is a special type moss to help it grow and they used to use that moss for bandages and nappies because it is like a sponge and it can absorb liquids.

We also looked at all different type’s of animals, mosses and plants that live in  peat over the Ard.

Rock Pooling

On the second of June the class went rock pooling and we went with Fiona. She brought nets and buckets we found jellyfish, sea snails, crabs, shrimp and sea slugs.

We found most of the stuff in sea weed so we had to swish the nets in the sea weed or we had to pick the sea weed up and move it to a different place and quickly had to get the animals in the net quick so they would not swim away or crawl away.

We found the crabs, sea slugs and sea slugs in the sea weed and we found the shrimp and the jellyfish in the the open area.


CALMAC is a ferry company and it delivers people from Islay and the main land. CALMAC was clearing  out the shop and very kindly gave us some of their old gifts. We got the CALMAC gifts on Friday. They gave us the gifts because the shop was closing down and it would be easier.  CALMAC ferries are good to deliver the things to places and deliver the people from mainland to  other islands.  Thanks Calmac!


Since space is so big we have not scratch the surface of it in our topic because space is endless and I mean it.

There was a new mars rover sent to mars called Perseverance. Its task was to collect samples from Mars to test if there was life there and it was packed with the first space helicopter. But the Chopper could go at least 10 meters and it would be retrieved by another shuttle and come back to earth in 2032.

Since there will be more space helicopters. I only know of the next one called dragonfly but this one will have four props this time plus will fly longer distance. I estimate 20 or 30 or maybe it might be to heavy and it might fly 10 meters who knows it could even fly 100 meters.

What I am try to say is space is endless we can’t search all of it because it will go on forever.

by Connor

Chicken Cam

My ENDEAYOUR is chicken so I build a chicken coop because I’m hatching chicks four of them hatch.  Today I bring my phone to school to show everyone the chicks. I have a  camera so I can check that they are fine. One of the chicks are 5 days old the other is two is 4 days old. And the other is 3 days old they will be in there coop for around 6 weeks. So having a camera will help to make sure that they are ok.

by Ben

My Joinery Endeavour By William Allan Campbell

So far in my Endeavor I have made a butt joint, lap joint and a miter butt joint. My favorite thing I had built was a copping board but I’m going to build a bird table for my mane project. I have been doing some designs for my bird table and chopping board and hopefully I will meet a joiner soon.

Here is my sway on joints.



My endeavor is coding . I have been doing scratch and Kodu to make my game. So far I have made level one which is a maze with 3 different parts level 2 is a race were you can use a car a boat or a motorcycle  and level 3 will be a parkour were you will have to use a bike and 1 part will be running. you will have to jump walls swim and ride a bike to the  finish line

A Blog On Civil Engineering

So far on my project  I have made two model bridges and made a sway on civil engineering for every type of bridge in civil engineering and I am hopefully going to be making a bridge out of lollypop sticks with a glue gun. And I am doing this because my dad was a civil engineering person so my dad told me a lot of stuff for different types of stuff to do with civil engineering.



This term we did  Smoke Free Me and we learned why it is a bad thing to smoke. So here are some facts. When smoking for a long period of time you will get addicted another thing is the tar that is (the stuff in the cigarette) sticks on the inside of your throat causing you to cough. The last thing is when the chemicals go right down to your finger tips and makes you have yellow fingers.  So don’t smoke!


My Place Photo Competition

The My Place Photo Competition is where you go around your village and take a picture of something. This happens every year and each year, there is a different theme. This years theme is Climate Change which means that your picture has to include something that is caused by Climate Change and something that is man made. I found this very interesting because we got to walk around the village. My photo was of rusty chains and I called it Climate Chains.


The school went for a beach clean on 30th April at our local beach the Co-op beach. The most plastic the school found was plastic bags, but we also found crisp packets, a tire, shoes and glass.  Re-jig came along to help us clear the beach.  After when we had a lovely clean beach we held a competition to do some sand sculptures.  I built a fairy kingdom.  I think it is important to keep our beaches clean because it stops animals dying.


Evie’s Phone Box

Evie Wood is opening a shop in the Oa that people call “Evie’s Phone Box ” or “Shop In The Box “. Evie is going to be selling cards and other exciting things. Because of coronavirus there has been a hold up of the opening of the shop, but Evie hopes to open it up soon. Evie has started painting the phone box and getting it ready for the opening, Evie has created a a logo for us all to look at when we come in to the little shop, We all hope for the shop to open soon.  She won a enterprise award and was featured in the Big Issue.


By Iona

Learning In Lockdown

In lockdown school’s, store’s and clubs were all shut but people have found ways through it like Home schooling. We are just back from home schooling and every day in home schooling we had a google meet on Monday and Friday but the whole class had a google meet  and P5, P6 and P7 had their own day for a google meet. And we done weekly topics. and we were doing work in home learning because of seesaw. But if we didn’t have seesaw then I don’t know what we could of used  in lock down and seesaw is a learning app for kids. In hone schooling it felt like it was just like normal school but at home. Then when we got back to school it was changed and felt a lot different. We had are own tables at lunch and only three people on a desk and only three people in the bathroom and now every class has a different break time.   We miss getting our work done and getting out and about.

Dolphins are Back (Not the Sea Creatures…)

Dolphins is swimming club on Islay and is back after a closing for a while. We use to not wear masks but now we need to wear masks. When we get in now we go in the shower for a few seconds. When we get in now we have to spread out in our lanes. When we are done we have to go straight to our lockers so we are not allowed a shower. Now when we are leaving the pool then we put are masks on then go out the fire alarm door to get out now. I’m really happy that Dolphins are back.

by Ben

Outdoor Learning Sandcastle

In outdoor learning week p5-p7  we built sandcastles and we had a contest on Tuesday in front of Port Ellen Co-op. We had bamboo sticks and a half a pipe to dig. We had to have a moat with water and renewable energy and also turrets.  To get water you dig then enough water comes out. My team had a volcano in our build with lots of renewable energy.  At the end my team won with ten points at the end.


My Hero

Our whole class was doing an essay on their lockdown hero and it was about who helped you in lockdown and some people picked the NHS and Sir Captain Tom but I picked my Mum. It was about why were they your lockdown hero and you had to write about how  helped you in lockdown. Also we had to do this at School. We also had to draw a picture of our hero. My mum was my hero because she looks after people with cancer or corona-virus and she works at  a local home for old people. We are entering our pictures in the Royal Mail Competition.

by Dylan


We were doing outside learning and we were learning about fires. We went out to the playground to do it. The people that where teaching us were Dolton and Danny they are amazing at teaching us how to make fires with outdoor equipment. What we did first is we gathered dry grass and sticks in our groups. Then we learnt how to make a safe fire! When we did it is was very fun because it was a bit windy we got to have warm smores. Why we did this it is to teach us to learn how to make a fire with outdoor equipment safely.

Trip To The Woods


Port Ellen primary school in the class p5,6,7 went to the woods at 10am on Thursday. We went there because we were learning about the Mesolithic times. Also we had clans.

  All The Clans

The wolf clan, the swan clan, The snake clan and the last one which is seal clan which is the one I was in.

First we needed to get our water proof jackets and our water proof trousers and then we all set of on the way to the woods.

Next when wee got there we had the tarp laid down to lay on it what we did was we laid down and then breathed in and out. After that we got told which way to go to make a den. we found a den. Then we had to find four different leaves. We had to bring some logs down and our packed lunches to the beach to have lunch. First we had to gather some stones and some branches for the fire but some people had to go and gather some branches in the wood.

Our New Sound Topic

Starting from last week p 5/6/7 have started a new topic about sound. We have been doing reports and fun activity’s about sound. The activity’s we done were duck quaking cups, oboes, dancing salt and we wet our finger and rubbed it on the top of the glass and it made different noises every time.  To do the duck quaking cup we needed to poke a hole in a plastic cup and thread a piece of string through the hole and tie a knot on the side of the cup that holds water and get a wet paper towel wet the string and pull on it and it will make a quaking duck sound.

Last week on Friday we watched video’s and wrote down notes about  things like sound waves, tuning forks, why in space you can’t hear anyone and more. We learnt about decibels and how the loudest thing in the world was the krakatoa volcano erupting in 1883.It was heard from 32oo kl away.

On Monday we wrote reports about different types of things that are part of sound such as resonance, shockwaves, echolocation, beyond human hearing, ultrasound and infrasound. I wrote about shock waves but we all also had to make a slide about an animal communication and I wrote about honey bees/normal bees.


Our Mesolithic Topic

My class did a Mesolithic topic and in out topic with an archaeologist called in ” Dr Darko “.

We learned lots and lots of facts. Some of those facts are ” We don’t have evidence of people in Mesolithic times because they would not leave anything around” and that” Mesolithic people would meet together to trade with other clans. We also learnt that there was a huge tsunami that nearly made Britain an Island



Wolf Brother

Wolf Brother: Book 1 in the million-copy-selling series Chronicles of  Ancient Darkness: Paver, Michelle: Books

We are learning about Wolf Brother. In Port Ellen we have been reading Wolf Brother. When we went to Kilnaughton Woods  and the Ard. My clan was the Mythic Seals. We made posters and read them out to the class. We were making masks and facts. We are learning about the Mesolithic times to know how they lived and survived. In the woods we had to make tiny settlements of what we thought a Mesolithic clan base.

Things we made:  boats, flags, dens, music, fire and we also cooked mackerel, potatoes, apples and we roasted marshmallows over our camp fire.

Things we made : posters, cave paintings, a quest story, shell paintings and we gave each other tattoos.

By Teddy

Children in Need

At school we did something called Pudsay day when we come to school in are pyjamas and we also done the Jerslema. Jurusalema is a dance we saw it on the internet and we thought it would be good for raising money on Pudsey Day When you come into school you put money in a tin for your pyjamas and doing the Jerslema help raise money here is are total. it has change because of covid 19 because the other times the tin came to the class room and not at the door and we got cup cakes at break.

£256.36 That is are total

Advent Calendar

In Port Ellen school we have a advent calendar with prizes. Every day you go on the school website or the schools twitter to see who the winners are. The school decides who the winner is  for the day  by putting their hand in the box  then they pull out a name then they are the winner. The calendar ends on the twenty fourth of December.

The kid prizes are a scooter, Lego star wars, one day ecteronic bike, board games ingluding Jumanji, Drone and the best one so far a Nintendo light that comes with a case, games such as Minecraft and Mario cart. The adults prizes are mostly vouchers, drinks, Aberg bundle and a humper bag. The School is doing this because this year we have no Christmas fair. If you don’t have a ticket don’t worry there’s always next year.



Highland Dancing


Highland dancing is a fun activity for kids and teenagers. Highland dancing is ran by a lady named Ella. Highland dancing is on a Saturday at 11:00 to 11:00. The dances that you can learn are the Pedi bias, Pedi Bias and High Cuts, Highland Fling, The swords, Scottish Lilt, Flora MacDonalds fancy, Blue bonnets, Heilind laddie and barracks Johnny. Highland dancing. In corona virus we have to wear are face masks when going out and we have seats with our names on them when we come back out we have to wear our masks again. After we have went away the chairs will be cleaned for the next week. Every week we will be teched by great teachers and get on to new dances if we do well! Highland dancing is  great for kids and teenagers! This is a great opportunity for children and teenagers! I hope to see you there!

By Iona


Port Ellen Juniors

Port Ellen juniors is is ran by Grant, Alan, Robert, Joe, Ben and Donald. It is at Bowmore, Astor-tough pitch at 6;00 pm to 7;00 pm. It is so kids learn to get good at football.

The people in my team are James, William, Finlay, Ben, Callum, Cara, Mya, Katie, Kaley and Robyn. The goalies are normally Clallam and James our best player is Finlay. If someone touches the ball with their hands the person sanitizes and we get a new ball.

The bigger ones play 7;00 to 8;00.  it is interesting to watch them play because they play super well and you can get tips off of them, and they play all across the pitch I’ve played a couple of times with them and it is quite hard with small legs.

By Dylan 131 words


On Islay people play golf at  the Machrie hotel. There is a golf club at the Machrie  hotel for kids to learn. You show up at the golf driving range.  At the club you hit  some golf balls with a 5, 6, 7 ,8 iron  golf clubs. The coaches David and Brian  watch us to see if we are doing it right. I’m going to tell you how to play golf.


See the source image

Your chest is your  engine a bit of flex in your  knee’s and hold up over at your slogger  and try not to hit the ground and it should be a good shot.

At the Machrie they’re five areas to play golf they’re two courses the big courses and the small courses they’re two putting areas ad 1 putting and chipping courses. On the big courses they’re is eighteen holes on the small courses they’re is  six holes.

Golf is a famous solo sport for calming  people down. I really in joy golf. It is also a captative sport.

Boccia Fun

In school we play loads of different sports. There is a sport we play called boccia. Its like bowling but for people with disabilities. Its really fun we all enjoy it in class.  Here’s how you play first pick two players one player has to have the red balls and the other player has the blue balls. The balls are a funny shape they have flat bumpy sides. That helps the ball move when its stopped on a slope. When we play boccia we always play it inside with Miss Brown because she normally does PE with us. But when we play boccia we play it on a wet day when we can’t go outside to do PE. The team are put in their house like Orsay Texa and nave. Then miss brown will pick different player each time if you win you will be put in the finals.  I really enjoy playing boccia its a really fun sport.

By Christopher 162 words .

Christmas Jumper Day

View image on Twitter

In Port Ellen School we had a Christmas Jumper day and it was for the charity Save the Children.  People wore Christmas jumpers in and brung a donation in and all the money was to help children around the world. It will help to give them clean water and food and education so they can get smart.  It is kind to donate to charity.  We raised £112 for Save the children.  my christmas jumper had snowflakes and Xboxes on it.

By Ben

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