Solar Punk Outdoors

P67 have been involved in an Education IDL pilot called Solar Punk this term. THE PROJECT-A challenge to design and brand your unique neighbourhood on an island that is based on the principles of the 15 minute neighbourhood rules and Solarpunk movement.

The children became passengers on a shipwrecked boat and had to work together to create Solar Punk Island, turning a section of the island into their own habitat based on ideas of sustainability.

They created designs for architecture, built renewable devices, learned to filter water, made gardens and spent a day practicing skills in the woods and the beach.  See the video:




On lunch break we run clubs! The different clubs are drawing, dodgeball, playground games, reading. The captains of the one house run them and everyone in there house is allowed to come. Every day it is a different house so that everybody gets to go to clubs. It is super fun because everyone gets to play with each other.  We enjoy the chance to run our own clubs and this links to the right to play Article 31.

Dance a Thon

On the last day of term Port Ellen primary school did Dance a Thon to raise money for making Blytheswood shoe boxes for children in Romania. Children in the school danced to different songs in the hall and in each class the best dancer got a prizes.  Everyone has enjoyed the Danceathon and it has raised a lot of money, helping children meet the right to health care article 24.

Our Trip To Jura

On Thursday 14th September we all went on a trip to Jura primary school to share our Rights Respecting Schools work with each other. Small Isles Primary already has their silver award and we wanted to learn more. We went with Mrs. Mackenzie, Mrs. Clark and Miss Clark.   When we got there we learned about the Outright  campaign on climate change and we worked in groups to come up with a problem we want our local councillors and MSP to solve.  We will work together to write to them about it to see if we can make a change.  We got to go out and play at break in Small Isles playground and then we went to the beach for lunch and ice cream.  We had a great day out and enjoyed making friends with children from Jura.


This term we have been working with the new primary ones and twos. We have been reading them stories and they have been loving it, playing with them with the parachute and more. We all had a good time. On Friday we had a teddy bear picnic with them. We also had banana muffins when we were outside. We built houses boats and more for our and our buddies teddies. we looked after the new primary ones  at their first day. After we had the muffins we did a teddy bear race, it was fun!


The One Show In Port Ellen

The One Show came to film our school because we had won the Pearson National Teaching award for Primary School of the Year.  P5/6/7 were filmed at the woods where we got to do  special activities like orienteering.

We arrived at the woods and got sorted into our clans the clans were MacDonald clan, MacLeod clan, MacKinnon clan and Macrae clan.  Each clan had a teacher and when we went to get the orienteering flag and bring back the answer  from the flag and give it to the teacher the answers were all in Gaelic the clans were split into two groups one group would find the colour one group would find the object.  We thought that going to the woods was really fun.

In the woods we were lighting a fire to cook bread on a willow stick. But we needed to whittle the stick to get the bark off the stick. Then we had to sterilize the stick in the fire and then we put bread dough to cook it over the fire. Then we ate the bread and it was really delicious.  After we got to try light the Kelly kettle with Mrs. Hannett. AND WAS REALLY FUN.

While we were in the woods part of the film crew were in the school filming the other classes do their activities like doing the beach clean.

Once the P567s came back from the woods, we had to get changed a quick as possible because there was a big surprise in the hall.

Once we sat down, we all got ready for the big surprise- We had won the Primary School of the year award!!!  Then Joe (the tv presenter) said that he brought the choir back together without us knowing. The P3 and P4 were practicing their song S’ann an Ilè. But when they performed it, they did it with Skipinnish!

It felt amazing that Skipinnish were here! They sang songs like Walking on the waves. It was so cool! We Thought that it was amazing seeing them that some of us got our t-shirt or jumper signed.  We are really proud of winning the award and had great fun with the One Show!

By James Norwood and Brody Shakespeare.


Football Club

There is a football club on Monday at lunch break 12:30 to 1:00. It is for everyone in the  school P1 to P7. It is run by William, James, Ben and Finlay.

We will split everyone in to 2 or 3 groups and do some drills and then a football match. All the teams will be a mixture of P1 to P7 so it can be fair.  We enjoy coaching football skills.



At lunch break on a Wednesday there is a rounders club. It’s run by Mya, Katie, Callie and Thomas.  This is part of our leadership and citizenship activities.

This is what we tell  people that don’t know how to play it. You will have a bat or a tennis racket in your hand, Someone will be throwing the ball to you. You get three chances to hit the ball, Even if you miss it on your third try you still have to run. There is also four hoops on the ground  the first one is the base that’s where you hit the ball. The second one is in the middle left that’s where you can run to as your first base before someone, and then there is fourth base.  If you run all the way round you get a rounder.  We enjoy playing with the school at lunchtimes!

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