Maths Inside Challenge

In October we entered the maths inside challenge. When you enter you have to take a picture of some maths that you have done, then put the maths inside icon into the picture.

Dearbhla Newman, Harmoni Edwards, Aiden Munro and Drew Brown all got placed in the competition. Dearbhla Newman won the second level prize for writing her name in binary code she received a certificate and a £10 Amazon gift card. Harmoni Edwards got second level commended for the reflections of a rainbow and received a certificate. Aiden Munro got second level commended for taking a picture of weighing ingredients for baking and received a certificate . Drew Brown got second level commended for doing maths about the V&A in Dundee and received a certificate.

Well done everyone.

Gael Force Wind Turbine

this is us building the floating wind turbine

As part of the Knots to Wats competitoin. Dearbhla’s dad Mr Newman and Morgan’s dad Mr Mcfarlane came into help us make our floating wind turbine. There was a rule book we had to follow it. for example, it must float in water, the connecting wires have to be 1.5m long attatched water level. It was hard work but we were very pleased it worked.

Dearbhla and Caitidh





Wind Power

This term we learned about wind power and we made proper models on our wall for Rolls-Royce.  We made pin wheels too and we filmed this on the camera that Rolls-Royce gave us after we learned all of the parts.  Just today we were learning more about wind and wind turbines.  After the holidays we are going to visit a turbine on a trip. We are going inside it in the tower in case you don’t now what the tower is its the big long stick thing. Wind turbines generate energy and electricity. This energy and electricity is good for our planet because were an eco friendly school and we care about are environment. We did a challenge and we made  a paper wind mill using card , paper , cup , string , scissors , tape , and a pencil.  The  challenge was to make a wind mill that spins and lifts a plastic cup of the ground with weights in it. To make it move we used  a hair dryer.  It was fun.

by Dearbhla and Millie