Robyn’s Aroma Therapy By Robyn Logan

An Endeavor is a personal project that everyone in the class dose and it links to the world of works, it helps you learn new facts and skills, it has some challenges to it and it is also ambitious.

My Endeavor is about the link from scents in soap and wax melts to Aroma Therapy and relaxation. How I thought my project was ambitious was that I thought that making a business was going to be tricky but it was actually easy.

My Endeavor In One Picture:

The new skills that I was going to learn were: how to double boil wax and not get burned, how to design and create a business and how to get better hand eye coordination for poring wax into molds. By surprise I learned all of those skills and I can now surprisingly double boil something without any help, I can create a business and I can pore lots of wax into tiny little molds.

The people that helped me were:  my mum, my dad, Mrs.  McFarlane and Mrs. Clark.  My mum and my dad helped me at home and Mrs. McFarlane and Mrs. Clark helped me in school and super vised my.

I have completed all of my  tasks that I set from then till now. All I have to do now is present my Endeavor project on Friday 25th June.

Wolf Brother

Wolf Brother: Book 1 in the million-copy-selling series Chronicles of  Ancient Darkness: Paver, Michelle: Books

We are learning about Wolf Brother. In Port Ellen we have been reading Wolf Brother. When we went to Kilnaughton Woods  and the Ard. My clan was the Mythic Seals. We made posters and read them out to the class. We were making masks and facts. We are learning about the Mesolithic times to know how they lived and survived. In the woods we had to make tiny settlements of what we thought a Mesolithic clan base.

Things we made:  boats, flags, dens, music, fire and we also cooked mackerel, potatoes, apples and we roasted marshmallows over our camp fire.

Things we made : posters, cave paintings, a quest story, shell paintings and we gave each other tattoos.

By Teddy

Maths Week Scotland And Maths Inside


Maths week Scotland was from the 28th of September to the 4th of October 2020. Maths Week Scotland is where all of the schools around Scotland have been doing lots of maths for one week. We do Maths Week Scotland to help the children around Scotland how to do all of the complicated maths.

Maths Inside is a competition that our school entered. We entered the competition and some people in the class won a prize.  There were three categories, Oot An’ Aboot, In The Home and Complete The Pattern.  The

Winners are: Dylan McDonald for In The Home, Teddy Denby for Oot An’ Aboot, Elena Miteva for Complete The Pattern, Dylan Mackie for The Best Commentary and Christopher Jamison for The Best Commentary second level. The whole of the school won The Highly Commended School.

Dylan McDonald’s entry was what the length was between his hair and Katies. Teddy Denby’s entry was how high he could jump. Elena Miteva

In the school P2/3/4 read a book called The Perfect Square and P5/6/7 did lots of things like: The Scottish maths Challenge, The Maths Inside Challenge and some other maths games.