Dancing Club

In school this term we were all doing a club and me, Charlet, Harmoni and Elena were doing a dance club. This club was for primary 1/2/3/4. we split up into groups me and Harmoni had primary 2/3/4 because there wasn’t a lot of them and  Charlet and Elena had primary 1.

For the first few weeks we made dances in our groups but then we made a big dance adding everyone’s idea from the little groups we had before. Before they left we did a cool down were they lay down on the floor with the lights off and thought about what the enjoyed most and some of them like to share what they liked. Then they line up and we say if they want to come back which most people do.  I really enjoyed running this club.

Comic Relief

On Friday the 15th of March it was Comic Relief.  We got to wear red or spots and nearly everyone was wearing red and we sold all our red noses.  The first thing we did was a dance-a-thon using Just Dance; it was really fun and tiring. After break we did Catherine Ryans favourite cupcake challenge and sold baking to raise money, as well as a panda treasure hunt.  The day was organised by a P7 for her Endeavour.

We raised £300 for Comic Relief and had a great time doing it.

Fair Trade Tuck

From Monday to Thursday  P6/7 Texa house were making Fair Trade tuck. The reason we where doing fair trade  and using Fair trade chocolate is because the people who make the chocolate get paid hardly any money and we wanted to raise peoples awareness.  Also the money we raised is going to the basketball hoops in the playground.

On Monday we were making cracknel and it was really yummy. The next day which was Tuesday me and Donald made coffee brownies. At first I thought I wouldn’t like the taste but I loved them. Then on Wednesday Evie and Jack made hot chocolate and put mini marshmallows I didn’t have any but Evie said it was delicious. Thursday was the last day it was chocolate chip cookies and they were good.  So remember to buy Fair trade chocolate to help farmers around the world!

Celebration of Jesus

On Monday the 3rd of December it was the Christingle which is when people are welcomed to come to church and celebrate Jesus.     I went with Borownies and we use an orange fruit and put tape around it with sweets and a glow stick.

The orange represents the world, the tape around the orange is for his blood, the sweets are for all the people who believed in him. Then the glow stick is how he lights up the world.

We sing lots of different carols that I really enjoy. But my favorite is when the lights go out and we all get to snap are glow sticks. All the little ones stand up the front and sing away in the manger with a candle. The little ones sing the first verse and we join in for the rest. At the end the little ones blow out the candles and we sing the last song about the seasons. I have went every year and I can’t wait for the next one in a years time.

The Brilliant World of Tom Gates Book Review


I really liked my book because I think it is a comedy. With lots of pictures and funny moments like when Tom decides to join the choir and it went  horribly wrong.

I love how the author made Tom and Delia  so different  and how they never get along.  Another thing I like is  how she includes lots of people.

I think this book would be popular because the  cover stands out and the name is big and bold. But of course there is  really funny photos.

If you decide to read this book I think you will really like it.