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Sports championships 2019

Sports championship is all about doing your best to win points.  There is 9 events each one is for points for your total score.  You get 100 points for 1st 75 points for 2nd and 50 for 3rd.  We did hurdles and long jump on the beach hurdles Dearbhla got first for hurdles for the girls and for the boys it was Aaron. long jump girls Freya and boy Donald, the second day we did cross country and basketball  for cross country we did four laps around the school and on baskets we had 20 shots and we had to see how many we could get in. For boys Braeden and for girls Holly won baskets. For cross country girls Holly won and Aaron for boys.  The last 2 events we have done so far is football dribble and distant throw, Holly won distant throw for girls and Aidan won for boys.  Are last and final event we have done is football dribble, for girls Charlet and Jack won for boys the only events we need to do is the high jump and the 100m sprint.

by Millie and Donald

My Book Review On Captain Underpants by Dav Pilkey

My  favorite part in Captain Underpants is when an evil giant dandelion attacked captain underpants. I laughed so much when George and Harold did a prank because they changed the letters at the cafeteria to nasty toilet pee pee sandwiches. But my favorite part was when I read the bonus comic dogman. It was about a dog that is a cop and he stops the most wanted villain Petey who is a cat. Also dog man was the best cop and he did stop other criminals.

The author was actually a child- his name was Dav Pilkey. This author had very good description and punctuation and he made it funny and cool. With flip- o-Rama as well; here’s how it works he made it so when you turn the page fast as you can the it looks like its animated. Dav Pilkey used alot of fonts colours.  He is a very good author in my opinion .

The reason I enjoyed this book is because it has lots of laughs, a good story line, a lot  of stuff that I really like about the book. It had good description and the story was really good. My favourite charactors  were Captain Underpants because he got super powers in the book. I liked George because you wolud think he is responsible but he is not.  I like Harold as well but there are my favourite because Harold and George do really funny pranks.

Political Party

Last week we held an election for parties we had designed ourselves.  Every political party has policies and everyone has a role; leader, manger, canvasser, speech writer, policy advisor and public relations.  The party’s names were Party Animals, Boogie Bombers,  Super Sports Bro,  Gender Party,  Cycle Islay and  POP which is people oppose pollution.  I was the leader for Boogie Bombers the winning team of the election and we are going to hold an X Factor competition, Yeh!

Boogie Bombers

Were the Boogie Bombers so we’re making this blog to campaign for our party.  Vote for us if you love music, vote for us if you love instrumental music, vote for us if you love singing and vote for us if you love the x factor because if you are a huge fan of the x factor then your in great luck because if we win that means we will set up an x factor competition and you yes you might win the competition and earn a secret prize, are you intrigued yet?  Well remember folks vote for the Boogie Bombers.

Electrical Engineering Endeavour Project

My Endeavor project is about electronics. I have created a circuit with a soldering iron for a model for my endeavor to show off at the endeavor fair.  What a soldering iron does is the tip gets really hot and you get some soldering wire and you put it at the tip and then put under the circuit board where you put your resister or a light anything that’s supposed to be with that will work with the circuit board and solder in the parts.   So one day I thought about building a robot that can move i hope i can do this with spare.  I didn’t know how I was going to to it or I could just make some circuits and I’ve made two so far  and now I can make a lot of circuits if I don’t burn myself from the soldering iron.