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Islay Schools Primary 7’s Robotic Trip!

On the 16th of May All the primary 7’s in Port Ellen went to the high school for a robotic trip in the hall. When we got there they showed us what the robot was (the robot was made of cubes which had different purposes which were magnetic) we were told that the blue cubes were the power cubes, the black were the sensors, The white cubs were the cubes that moved or made noise (action cubes,) The red cubes were reverse cubes and the green cubes were for decoration. At first we were told to make cubes that moved and made sound but after the first task was complete the second was different, we were told to make robots that could fall over or move without falling over. At the third test we had to make something that was like a motorcycle and could move. At the final test we were told to make a robot that could move and make art with a pen while moving. Altogether I thought the event was very enjoyable. by Alexander and Ciaran

The Cupcake Challenge

For the Christmas Fair we had to do a cupcake challenge. We were in three groups and making our products before that. We all made a design and chose the best one. Our groups cupcake flavour was apple and toffee flavouring.  The other groups chose their flavour to be banana and chocolate and the other groups flavour was bubblegum and carrot.  My group’s cupcake was pink and red icing. The other groups had: a christmas tree and a snowman as their cupcakes.

For the final assesment we had the cupcake taste test. For the taste test my group got first for it’s looks and it got second for taste. When the cupcake taste test was over we were talking about the snowman cupcake and Mrs MacDonald turned around and said “carrot… bubblegum” and it was really funy.  For profit we came third and we sold out third as well. We tied with the group that got third for taste and looks. The group we drew with got second for profit and second for selling out. The christmas tree group won and we tied in a second.

The School’s Carbon Footprint

Primary 6/7 have been learning about carbon footprints. A carbon footprint is how much carbon dioxide you  make because of your actions. Like when you drive instead of walk or when you keep the lights on in your house instead of switching them off. If you want to lower your carbon footprint then if you have a car try to fill it up with as may people  as possible. Or you can always turn off the lights in your house.

We found out the schools carbon footprint using the BP online calculator. We found out that we produce 61 tonnes of carbon a year. Most of it was from our energy use, 55 tonnes in fact. That left only 2 tonnes for rubbish and just four tonnes for travelling. Altogether I thought it was exciting to find out how large our carbon footprint was because we didnt know before so it was a mystery because of that.  We now know that we have to reduce our carbon footprint and should look at reducing energy use.  We want to find out more about renewable energy as a way of doing this.

Electricity and Engineering

My endeavour is Electricity and Engineering and so far I have made a successful letter which I’m not too proud of because I was late at finishing it. I have also made a start on making a parallel and series circuit and I feel quite proud of it. I have got some facts to the difference of diesel and petrol engines. I am going to start on a sway. In the end I will show an electric set. I think this project would be ambitious because there is nothing I have done near to this topic. I could also be an electrician when I grow up.