Our New Sound Topic

Starting from last week p 5/6/7 have started a new topic about sound. We have been doing reports and fun activity’s about sound. The activity’s we done were duck quaking cups, oboes, dancing salt and we wet our finger and rubbed it on the top of the glass and it made different noises every time.  To do the duck quaking cup we needed to poke a hole in a plastic cup and thread a piece of string through the hole and tie a knot on the side of the cup that holds water and get a wet paper towel wet the string and pull on it and it will make a quaking duck sound.

Last week on Friday we watched video’s and wrote down notes about  things like sound waves, tuning forks, why in space you can’t hear anyone and more. We learnt about decibels and how the loudest thing in the world was the krakatoa volcano erupting in 1883.It was heard from 32oo kl away.

On Monday we wrote reports about different types of things that are part of sound such as resonance, shockwaves, echolocation, beyond human hearing, ultrasound and infrasound. I wrote about shock waves but we all also had to make a slide about an animal communication and I wrote about honey bees/normal bees.


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