Highland Dancing


Highland dancing is a fun activity for kids and teenagers. Highland dancing is ran by a lady named Ella. Highland dancing is on a Saturday at 11:00 to 11:00. The dances that you can learn are the Pedi bias, Pedi Bias and High Cuts, Highland Fling, The swords, Scottish Lilt, Flora MacDonalds fancy, Blue bonnets, Heilind laddie and barracks Johnny. Highland dancing. In corona virus we have to wear are face masks when going out and we have seats with our names on them when we come back out we have to wear our masks again. After we have went away the chairs will be cleaned for the next week. Every week we will be teched by great teachers and get on to new dances if we do well! Highland dancing is  great for kids and teenagers! This is a great opportunity for children and teenagers! I hope to see you there!

By Iona


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