P3-7 Art Club

P 6/7 class have been doing clubs and me, katyn and Kayla have been doing an art club for primary 3-7.  The kids were very happy and got along with each other.  We also helped the nursery make snowflakes.  We also drew a little observational drawing of the Christmas decorations in the hall.  We had 6 children come to our club they made a lot of pictures and they are asking and asking if we can do the club again they said that they enjoyed the club and they would come again.  If the club was on they said they would want to make snowman out of paper.   I said that would be fine and show them how to do them.

On the last day we showed all the club our drawings and we were seeing if   they improved on their skills; we did, shading, observational and imaginative they had smiles on there faces and they were calm and relaxed.  I enjoyed teaching them skills and being around them it was a very calming and relaxing time.  When it was time to pack away they did exactly what they were told.  We did a cool down and a warm up.  Our warm up was we had to shake our hands about and we had to wiggle out fingers. Our cool down was laying on the floor and relaxing our hands, arms and fingers.

By Evie Rose    p6/7

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