Islay And Jura Dolphins Trip

On Saturday 1st December Islay and Jura Dolphins went to Tolcross Swimming Pool located in Glasgow. I got up early and only then was I told that it was a 50 meter swimming pool. After that I knew that it would be tiring. I was also told we were going to have two sessions both 2 hours! Now I was exited and nervous. We got on the ferry then drove up to Glasgow.

When we arrived at the swimming pool our first glance was at the pool ( it was massive). Much bigger than ours. The first day we swam over just over 1KM then some races at the end. After a while swimming we got out and went to Frankie and Bennies for dinner. It was good. After dinner that night we went bowling! In my group Matthew won but I came 2nd last, altogether there were six of us. It was soon time to go back to the hotel ready for another day of swimming.

That morning we woke up and went to have breakfast to fill us up. We then made our way to the swimming centre for the second time, But this time it was more interesting.  We were swimming in the lane that Adam Peaty broke the world record for 50m breast stroke. That day we swam nearly 2KM.  It certainly felt like that the next day. Before the ferry we had a few hours so we went to Braehead. Struan got a toy sword out of a shop and got it taken off him by one of the workers! Then we made our way home from a funny but tiring weekend.

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