Guide’s Night

On Monday 3rd in the Ramsey Hall everyone came for guides.  When we were all there we all started by sorting the tables ready to start.  Then the fun began!  Most of us were very silly and just had fun and we got told what we were going to do.  Me, Kaya and Hannah painted little and big toilet roll tubes, which is going to be stuck on to a long brown tube and it will be a christmas tree.  The christmas tree was for the Christingle at the church.  Everyone was joking around and having a great night.  After that we started to tape all the tubes we painted and stuck them on the brown tube.  But you wouldn’t believe what happend when we put the last one on, it fell over and we had to restart!  Afterthat we had to start tidying up and this is when the fun came, we started to paint each other with the paint brushes.  Sadly after something exiting happens it soon has to come to a end.

By Caitidh

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