Rolls-Royce Award Eden Prize Winners!

Last year Port Ellen was taking part in the Rolls-Royce Science prize through their renewables engineering project.  They were chosen as one of 6 finalists from over 2000 entries.  This week our teachers and George Dean, who works for the Islay Energy Trust,  were away for the Rolls-Royce science prize award ceremony in London.

First they went to Derby on Tuesday 6th November and went to the Rolls-Royce factory and at the factory they saw airplane  engines getting built and some that were finished.  They found it interesting learning about the engines and during the process they had to wear safety gear.   Later they went to London to go to the award ceremony, which was held in the Science Museum. They got ot talk to lots of important people about their project and have some nice food.  They won the Eden award for the best environment project, which was really great!  The awards were shown online, and you can watch them here.

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