National Mod Dunoon Success!

This year the Gaelic Choir at Port Ellen were going to Dunoon for the National Mod.  The first day of the mod we were in the bus then we went to Inveraray.  When we got to hunters quay we got to our lodge.We all went for a practice. Then we got our red and purple tee shirts. After that we went swimming and there were two pools opposite each other. One had a bridge and one was deep. We went for dinner I had chicken and it was fantastic.

The Second day of the mod we woke up at 7.30am. I had a shower then got my stuff. My nana and papa was there to pick me up in the car to the grammar school. Then we went to practice my poem then I went In. Thought I was 1st on  but I was 2nd on and I was so nervous but then I did it.  I waited for the competition to end I didn’t get a medal but I took part though.

We had lunch. Then we went to the High Kirk and we all sang two songs, our own choice and a prescribed song in the unison.  We had to go to the Queens Hall to sing one more song, the Puirt-à-beul.  We won all of the songs!  So we had to get recorded for the tv.  We went back to Islay, happy that we had achieved so much.

By Phoenix

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