Mechanical Engineering Endeavour By Taylor

This year for my endeavour I have picked to do mechanical engineering. I chose mechanical engineering I like to play forza which is a car based game where you can buy and sell cars and drive around on a map with other players. I have also been really interested in cars and engines since I have been young but have never went into any detail with learning about them.  Endeavour is a long-term project that lets people choose there own thing to do and learn about what they have chose. It also lets people to learn about things that they like and maybe don’t know to much about and want to learn more but also you can do completely new things to you and learn about that.When we do endeavor it can help with life after school as well as you might want to get a job or start up your own business and if you maybe did an endeavour on that you will be able to have maybe more experience to start of with.


For my endeavour i have made a Haynes model engine which has a electric motor on the back which turns the pistons and then turns the crankshaft and then the sparks the sparkplug. I also made a sway on all types of different types of engine like v4,v6,v8,v2,v10,v12 and more.

The skills I used endeavour so far is ICT, time management and being organised. I have came over one problem I was doing my model engine I ended up putting the base on the wrong way and I had to take everything of and put it on the right way.

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