Highland Dancing

Endeavour is when you get to choose your own project and do it for the whole year. For this year I have choose to do highland dancing . I am learning how to get better at it, learning to talk with people if I am stuck with a step.Only p5/6/7 do Endeavour but the rest of the school do mini projects. This year I achieved lots, I also learnt new things, I had to overcome lots of problems and I learnt new skills like; learning how to put my costume away properly, how to tie my pumps and how to put everything away in its right place for the next time I go dancing. I learned how to put my sash on my white dress by my self.

I had to over come some problems like; my kilt would not fit me so I had to get it ajusted, my pump laces were to short so I had to get new laces, I went over my ankle and I could not dance, I staved my toe and I had to wear special socks to protect my foot and I was not able to dance for a whole week, I lost my pumps and I had to borrow someone elses, I was going to a competition and I forgot to bring my blouse to wear so I had to wear my sisters when she was not dancing and I was going to a practice and I for got my pumps again and I had to dance in my pumps and it was really painful and my socks were white at the start and at the end they were black on the bottom.

I have learned about the history of highland dancing, I have also learned that it is different than today, I have learned what they wear in the history and what they wear in different countries. I also learned that it was only men that did highland dancing untill the 20th century. I also learned that highland dancing builds up your muscels and makes you stronger.

To get all of my research I have been using SOBHD, wikipedia and youtube videos that have been teaching me how to choreograph a dance and how to dance properly. I chose Highland Dancing as my endeavour because I already do highland dancing and I wanted to learn more about it like the history, what other countries do it and what do they wear to dance, is what they wear the same as us in scotland, were the out fits in history the same as today in scotland. I also chosed it because I want to learn more dances becuase when I am older I would like to be a dance teacher.














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