Sumdog Competition

A few weeks ago there was a Sumdog competiton for who could get the most points in Argyll and Bute. You had 1000 questions to answer and everyone in our class had to take part, it was a tough Competition we didn’t finish 1st but it is super rare to get first place. One of the most played games is Junkpile because you can stack junk cars speakers the highest score to beat is around the 2000s. Another popular game is Dinnerdefense its highest is around a 150.

Sumdog is a maths game that tries to help you improve your maths. Sumdog is a hard game to beat – the settings are up when your playing against a destroyer and world’s best people – they have the best scores they get 250 points, my highest  is 150 points. On jetski rescue you have to drag the mouse to get little boats and lots of other little vehicles, the highest score on this game is about 75. In the competition the person that had the most questions correct was nearly 900 out of 1000 the highest out of anyone was alomst all of then correct.The competition lasts around 1 weeks.

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