Scottish Swimming National Competition Qualifying Event

Wednesday 15th November was the Argyll and Bute swimming  competition for qualifying for the nationals in Dunoon. From Islay and Jura Dolphins swimming club there was: Ross Thompson, David John Morris, Matthew Mcusker and me. The coaches were ; Karen Siddle and Allan Campbell my dad. It was my first swimming competition away from Islay and I loved it.  Ross was a big help; he told me when to go up to the Marshall which is when you line up to get ready to go up to the blocks to dive off.  My races was front crawl and back stroke.  In my front crawl my previous personal best was 1:07.7 min but now my personal best is 47.35 sec. In my back stroke my previous personal best was 59.73 sec but now my personal best 55.34 sec.  I had a great time, thanks to Karen and my dad for taking us!

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