Animation Endeavour By Sophie

Every Wednesday in the afternoon we do endeavour, endeavour is when you chose a topic to learn about and present stuff at the endeavour. For my endeavour I chose animations. I chose animations because as a kid I loved watching cartoons, my favourite was probably morph. Morph was a guy made out of clay that did silly things like annoy his friends and that kind of stuff, the cartoon morph was an animation!

At the endeavour fair I presented my Lego animation that I made for rejig, the animation was about how people drop litter on the beach and how they don’t think about what it can effect. The skills I learned while doing my endeavour was patience, time management and learning to use imotion. Imotion is the app I used to make my animations.

During my endeavour I learned that no matter how hard you try in your endeavour, you will still make mistakes. I made a lot of mistakes in my animations like; my hand getting in the way or the camera moving out of place or that I moved the character in the animation too far. Making animations is actually very stressful!

The problems I had to overcome was iPad glitches or that the animation was too short or something like that. Animations was a new learning for me because I had never made Animations before and I had never made animation be for either. It was a bit tricky at first but I got there in the end.

The person that helped me with my endeavour was Mrs Clark, she taught me how to make animations and how to keep the camera steady, and she also showed me how to get good lighting so thank you Mrs Clark! I shared my learning by putting my animation on a key and they I put it on the screen at the endeavour fair with a lode of other amazing videos. For people that do endeavour next year I just want to say whatever you chose you need to make it interesting or else it won’t be as good as an endeavour project that you will enjoy! Good luck to people next year!



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