On the 22nd of March, everyone in Port Ellen Primary School was excited to be  showing our STEM learning to the Education Scotland visitors that had came to Port Ellen for the Scottish Education awards.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

In P5/6/7, we made a science presentation to show the STEM visitors, which had all of the STEM learning that we had done in the past year such as; Junior Saltire, geology, experiments, technology day at High School, Lego Mindstorms, green gang citizenship, STEM ambassadors science club, games design, computational thinking and archaeology. We all talked about our part in learning STEM, and all of us took part in something to do with STEM.  An example of using STEM to learn is the Junior Saltire, which included engineering and science.The Junior Saltire was a competition which had a team of 4 people who made a machine that made electricity using wave power.

In P1/2/3, The P1/2s were visited by the STEM ambassadors from the High School who showed them how to look at magic words using a ultraviolet light, and dissecting owl pellets to see what was inside with David Wood from the RSPB. The class was excited for the ambassadors to come. The P3’s were working on a game named Scratch, which is a coding app to improve their coding skills. There are two main code platforms that we use for coding, Kodu and Scratch.

The P4/5’s were learning about parachutes, their designs and how they work for their topic on forces. They learned what were the best designs, the best designs for slowing objects down-air resistance. They learned what forces were acting upon the parachute and the way that it falls with the forces.

Overall, we enjoyed the STEM day very much, and would like to keep on doing great STEM learning in the future.

By Kaya Middleton

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