Fish Finish Line!


Port Ellen Primary Schools Primary 5/6/7 class has been doing game design for their topic. They had to make a game for 7-12 year olds. Then they had to battle all the games in the class.  First they had to assign roles and create a group name.

In my group (Fish Finish Line) I was the Creative Director it is like being the manger and I found being the manager. Aidan was the Marketer that meant he had to find out what other people would want to play/buy.  Aiden was also the Creative Assistant and he had to take over is the Creative Director is he or she was away.

Aiden says” I really enjoyed it because I enjoy doing surveys and collecting information.”

Holly was the Programmer and she had the fun job of programming. Ellie and Matthew shared the job of the Game Designers and they had to do the logo and the story board. Lauren was the Artist and she had to design characters for the game.

We made an IMovie, poster, characters, 4 worlds, theme tune, logo, game summary, story board and a survey. In the end we presented our game to Mr Shakespeare. He judged us on different aspects but we won the best presentation!

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