Choir Mix

On Thursday 23rd January we started choir again.  We have new members, who will be joining us in our new choir songs.  Now there are 29 pupils in the choir, including:

Danni Barker, Elizabeth Macmillan, Eleanor Macmillan, Maisie Logan, Jodie Jamieson, Nicholas Weatherhogg, Emily Mackie, Asher Borthwick, Abbie Morris, Annie Farrell, Beth Mckim, Ciara Jhonston, Anwen Baker, Oliver Murhead, Bronagh Newman, Katie Middleton, Natalie Logan, Eva Munroe, Murray Cambell, Ellie Mackie, Sophie Clark, Catlyn Clark, Kaya Middleton, Jasmine Middleton, Rowan Morris, Rebbecca Morris, Abi Logan and Sarah Maclealon.

The choir have been working very hard and  have put lots of effort into learning the first verse of our new unison this year, called “Ailien In Rieech”  We have also been teaching the new choir members our warm ups, which helps us with our tuning and pronunciation of our words.

By Elizabeth Macmillan and Danni Barker

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  1. What a good report girls. I have given you the phonetics for your unison song but the title in gaelic is
    Eilean an Fhraoich which means The Heather Island and this is a lovely Lewis song. You are right – you have been working very hard, all of you. Well done for being excellent choir helpers.

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