Emotion Works


It is important to us that all children feel nurtured in Bowmore Primary School, we use Emotion Works to support children in recognising, coping and talking about their emotions. Emotion works is introduced in primary 1 and is used throughout the school to help us create a safe and caring environment for all of our children.

Emotion Works explored different aspects of our emotions through a system of cogs, the children are introduced to each cog and these are used together to support the children in developing a deeper understanding of different emotions and expressing these.

The Cogs:

Triggers: What triggers certain emotions?

Body Sensations: Where do we feel these emotions in our body?

Emotion Words: What words can we use to label our emotions?

Body Bevhvaiours: What behaviours do these emotions trigger in us?

Regulation Strategies: what can we do to help us feel better when emotions don’t feel good?

Intensity: How can we report the size and strength of our emotions?

Influencing Factors: The things that influence how we react to emotional triggers