Being Good Digital Citizens

At Bowmore Primary School, it is important to use that our children have the knowledge and skills required to be good digital citizens.

The internet and digital devices offer a huge range of positive experiences for children and digital devices surround children from a very young age. It is important that we build positive and open relationships with our children and that we take an active interest in what they are doing online. Below are some online safety guides which will offer you some support.



The following website have a huge range of resources to support parents and carers:

Parentzone: Digital parenting magazine (free copies for schools and some organisations working with children, young people and families):

Childnet screentime guidance 

Parent reviews of apps, games, films, books etc

Internet Matters website – Helping parents keep their children safe online

CEOP resources for parents:

Mencap guide for parents about learning disability, autism and internet safety:

UK Safer Internet Centre (UKSIC) leaflets for foster carers and adoptive parents:


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