Water fun in our early years!

Our Early Years have a new water tray and they all love it.

Glen: “It is cool”,

Archie: “It’s big”.

Mason: ” I like it because it’s outside and it has a waterfall”.

We hope you have lots of fun with it and we can’t wait to see what you do with it !


Look at our water tray!

Maths Home Bags

We launched our Maths Home Link bags during Maths Week Scotland to encourage and support learning maths through play at home. Our maths bags contain fun and engaging toys with a matching activity card which suggests a range of indoor and outdoor activities with a maths focus.  Parents and children have had lots of fun exploring maths through play.

‘Mara and her little sister have both loved them! It’s been great for me because I don’t have a maths brain so wouldn’t come up with many ideas myself!’

‘They do help when it comes to maths through play ideas as I would not necessarily think to explore more than counting and basic shapes.’

‘They have definitely helped me to teach her maths in a fun and interesting way.’