Robot Alert in P3,4&5!

Primary 3,4,5 have enjoyed the new  Robotics topic and we have been having lots of fun. We have got to experience lots of new things, everyone in Primary 3,4,5 loves robotics, its great. Every class in the school have been using the new technology, so far we have used Spheros and Code-a-pillars. we have got to use Kodu and scratch, we have learnt all about algorithms and determination wile using Kodu and scratch. We made our own algorithms on scratch and also got to make a game.


Brilliant Burn’s!

Burn’s Day went brilliantly P,3,4 and 5 had started their Burn’s poem one week before to make sure that they performed brilliantly.  P,3,4 and 5 were great at learning it and even added in some actions! The poem was called the Ballard of Janitor McKay. The whole class loved it because it was extremely funny we liked speaking in Scott’s. When the Burn’s Day finally came everyone couldn’t wait, all classes performed very well and everyone had fun! We enjoyed watching James cut the Haggis during the P6/7 performance, we danced the afternoon away and watched some very talented pupils dance and play instruments. 

P/3/4/5 Class new topic is……….

Primary 3/4/5 class have been very busy with Harry potter, but that topic has come to an end. Our new topic is Space and even getting to learn a bit about Robotics. Everyone in P/3/4/5 is very excited to start our new topic. We have written down what we know and what we would like to find out. Watch this space…..