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Tackling the Tour

Rhu PS tour de france 1Primary 6 pupils at Rhu took on a mighty challenge as they cycled their way around France, without even leaving the comfort of the classroom.
While Tour de France riders battle it out in the mountains for the much-coveted maillot jaune, the pedal-powered pupils each took a spin on a road bike, firmly secured to a turbo trainer, while scenes from last year’s race played on the whiteboard to bring the atmosphere to life. With a cycle computer attached to the rear wheel, the keen class were able to see how far they had travelled and how fast they were pedalling. Continue reading Tackling the Tour

Rhu P4 Kelvingrove Art Gallery Trip

Rhu PS Ancient Egypt 1Rhu P4 recently visited Kelvingrove Art Gallery to find out more about Ancient Egypt as part of this term’s topic. We found out about the afterlife and what the Ancient Egyptians did to their dead kings, gruesome!!! We took part in drama activities and held some Ancient Egyptian artefacts. Later on we had a look around other parts of the gallery and found some interesting animals (can you guess whose feet these are?).

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Cash for Clothes Appeal

Rhu cash for clothesPrimary Two at Rhu Primary have recently been learning about Africa in Social Studies. They recently organised a Cash for Clothes Appeal to raise money for the charity Wateraid. Thanks to all the generous donations, they successfully raised £90 to help provide clean water and sanitation for those in need. What responsible citizens – well done!

Victorian’s trip

Primary Six pupils at Rhu Primary School journeyed back in time to find out what life was like for Victorian children.
The class visited New Lanark Heritage Centre, which was well-worth the slightly longer travel time. New Lanark is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and proved a perfect venue to stimulate interest in this 18th Century topic.
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News from Cardross Primary School

Commonhealth games
Cardross Primary had a visit from Hopscotch theatre company. They performed ‘The Commonhealth Games’, it was a super production enjoyed by everyone!

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Christian Aid Netball/Football

Cardross Primary were the winners at the recent Christian Aid Netball Tournament organised by Mrs Clark from Garelochhead Primary. The standard of play was amazing with St Joseph’s, Rhu, Colgrain and Cardross in the semi-final stages. Cardross were given a tough match against Colgrain Primary in the final. It was a great event and many thanks to all of the players, coaches and volunteers at the event.
Cardross haven’t lifted the trophy since 2001 and we were delighted!

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Egypt Topic Celebration in Rhu P4!

Rhu P4 recently celebrated the end of their Ancient Egypt topic with an open afternoon. Parents were invited and children dressed up in a variety of fantastic costumes. Mummies, pharaohs, farmers, craftsmen and even Egyptian gods could be seen! The children treated the crowd to their performance of the song ‘Amazing Egyptians’ before giving them a tour around the class to view the displayed work. The class also enjoyed a trip to the Ancient Egypt exhibition at Kelvingrove Art Galleries to enhance the topic and had fun acting out ‘Life After Death’ drama. Well done P4!

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Rhu Easter Egg Appeal for Glasgow City Mission

Just before the Easter holidays Rhu Primary 4 helped co-ordinate the collection of Easter eggs for Glasgow City Mission. The pupils at Rhu managed to collect over 160 eggs for the appeal! Primary 4 pupils can be seen packing one of many bin bags filled with eggs. No eggs were eaten before collection, despite temptation…..

Rhu Primary School Primary 3 Streetfeet

Primary 3 pupils in Rhu Primary School took part in ‘Streetfeet’, a pedestrian training scheme. The scheme consisted of 3 training sessions, the first of which involved role play in the hall and the subsequent two sessions involved kerbside training outside. The children were encouraged to think about how to choose a safe place to cross the road and learned how to cross safely between parked cars.

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Rhu Primary School, Primary 3 ? Roman Day

Primary 3 in Rhu Primary School have been learning all about the Romans this term. They looked at the Roman Empire, how Rome was founded, what their lives were like and how they have influenced our lives today. As a celebration of their learning the children took part in a Roman Day. They dressed up as Romans, joined in with different games and activities, such as playing merels, making a bulla, making a scroll, designing a laurel leaf crown and even ate like Romans.

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P2 Viking Open Afternoon

Primary Two at Rhu Primary recently held an Open Afternoon with parents, to celebrate the completion of their Viking topic. Pupils enjoyed showcasing their learning, which included literacy, art and technology work. They also displayed their musical talents, performing Thor the Thunderer and Odin’s Daughters! Parents joined in with various activities including food tasting, internet research, interactive games, map work and decoding Viking runes. It was a very exciting end to a very successful topic!

The Great Escape at Rhu Primary

Primary 1 at Rhu lovingly made and decorated teddy bears, as part of their Toyland topic. The children were delighted with the results and couldn’t wait to take them home.
However, those teddies had other ideas and kept escaping. One day they just disappeared. Imagine the pupils’ surprise when their teddies turned up at ‘Helensburgh Toy Shop’. Fiona was happy to look after the teddies but was exhausted chasing after them and trying to serve customers at the same time.
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Windy Work for Pupils

Whitelees Wind Farm in Ayrshire was the ideal windswept moorland setting to learn about renewable energy for Rhu Primary 6 pupils. The youngsters traveled to the wind farm to take part in a workshop and tour of the wind farm. They were able to find out about how the towering turbines actually work as well as getting to see the 215 turbines in action. Continue reading Windy Work for Pupils

What a Buzz!

P7 pupils in Rhu are looking to achieve the John Muir award this term for discovering, exploring, conserving and sharing their work on bees and their local area. They made a great start to their project by visiting a local beekeeper. Fortunately, it was a lovely sunny day and the bees were out foraging for the last pollen and nectar of the season. What a good opportunity to spot the bees busy at work.

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Challenge Cup Football

Well done to the football teams from St. Joseph’s, Hermitage, Cardross and Rhu for their efforts in the Challenge Cup competition. St. Joseph’s ran out worthy winners in the end and a great day was enjoyed by everyone involved. Thanks to the teachers and helpers for organising the teams and thanks to all the parents who turned up to cheer on the children. We are hoping to run the competition again next year and welcome any more schools from the area who wish to enter.

Christian Aid Football Tournament

On Monday 13th May the annual Christian Aid football tournament took place at Hermitage Academy. Schools from Helensburgh and the local area took place in, what was to be, a very wet football tournament. The Hermitage football team were competing for the first time since the National Finals in which they managed to come 3rd in the whole of Scotland. Their first game was against Cardross which Hermitage won 3-1. They followed this with another two impressive results against Lomond and JLB winning 5-0 and 7-0.
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Rhu P5 Tudor Banquet

P5 Pupils at Rhu recently celebrated the end of their Tudor topic with a Tudor banquet. There was Tudor food, music and costumes to help create a fantastic atmosphere. The children also chose their favourite part of the topic and each prepared a short presentation for their class mates. Thankfully there were no executions and the peasants and royalty got on just fine! Well done to the children for their efforts and a big thanks to the parents who helped prepare food and costumes.

Parent planning meeting at Rhu

P1 and 2 at Rhu, had a very eggciting start to the term when they discovered a giant egg in the playground. After the mysterious creature hatched, the children decided to make a study of dinosaurs. As is our practice, we talked to the children about what they knew about dinosaurs and what they might like to learn. In order to involve the parents, we sent out a letter inviting them to a planning meeting. To accommodate working parents we provided a reply box and an opportunity to email suggestions.

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