P1&2 Learning Activities 13-5-20

Daily Overview

Happy Wednesday!

Hope you are all keeping well. There are now 13 stories on the Milk and Story Sway for you to watch. Make sure you watch today’s story; The Very Hungry Caterpillar, as there will be plenty of activities connected to the story.

Note to parents about the letter writing task.

At this stage we are not expecting your child to write perfectly. Please encourage them to ‘give it a go’, suggest they  sound out words to help spell them.

Once they have written their letter, ask them to read it to you. If their writing is difficult to read, or they have used’ play’ writing, you can scribe (write) a copy of what they have told you.

If your child is reluctant to do any writing ask them to draw a picture and then ask them what they want to write and scribe it for them. Do encourage them to sign the letter with their name.

Thank you for your support and hard work. I look forward to receiving all your letters to share.

Details of Today’s  Learning Activities

P1 Learning activities 13-5-20

P2 Learning activities 13-5-20

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