Outdoor learning in P3/4/5

This week, P3/4/5 were budding artists. Using chalk, they had to draw a portrait of their partner. We discussed how shape could help us – deciding that a portrait should have an oval head, rectangular neck and shoulders, then other shapes for the facial features. It was chilly outside, but we had lots of fun creating our chalk art! Thanks Amber who took most of the photos for us to share with you all.

Nursery news

Children in nursery this week have been enjoying the sunny weather with lots of outdoor play happening each day. The crates have proved to be very popular, with them being turned into trains, cars, hills to climb etc.

Indoors , the children have been learning to take care when washing their snack dishes, as we now have ceramic plates and glass cups. It has only taken a couple of days for all children to learn to be a little more gentle when washing up.

Singing is a daily occurrence at the moment with children enjoying learning the songs from the nativity. Won’t be long now before you will be entertained!

We are still looking for donations for the hamper. If you could hand something in before next Thursday, we should be able to create a very desirable prize to sell raffle tickets for at the fair on Thursday.