Our learning in primary 1/2

We had a fantastic trip to Stirling Castle last Wednesday. We saw the King and Queen’s bedchambers and learnt that the king didn’t actually sleep in his, he slept in a small room elsewhere. In the Queen’s bedchamber we met a Jester how told us lots about the Queen and some of us got the chance to try juggling.

We had a look at the cannons and had a picnic lunch next to them.

In the Great Hall we all had the chance to sit on the King and Queen’s thrones and all sat round the top table together.

We went into one of the towers and looked down through a trap door to see where the dungeons would have been below.

There was an area where we could explore some medieval costumes, music, games and painting, solving problems in groups.

We had a great time looking for all the things we had been learning about in class – there were lots of shouts on the bus up of ‘battlements’ when they were spotted!

We saw and learnt much more but you’ll have to wait until our showcase to find out!

Have a look at our photos to give you some clues!IMG_0553 IMG_0550 IMG_0547 IMG_0546 IMG_0537 IMG_0535 IMG_0531 IMG_0530 IMG_0528 IMG_0525 IMG_0523 IMG_0511 IMG_0510 IMG_0521


P3/4 What we have enjoyed about our learning this week

Primary 3/4 have been learning a lot of exciting , new things this week.

Here is what we thought about our learning :

I got a star pupil certificate for my math work on patterns – Amber

I enjoyed the math work on patterns as I found it easy – Kieran

I learned the body parts in Spanish and enjoyed singing Heads, Shoulders Knees and Toes in Spanish – Meah

In ICT we learned how to make powerpoints which was interesting – Cyrus, Angus

I enjoyed making the cardboard spears for our Aztec topic – Jamie, Lewis

In PE I learned badminton skills which has made me a better player – Daniel

My favourite thing was putting our Aztec pattern rug together, deciding which patterns go where -Melissa

I enjoyed researching the Aztec gods and writing my findings on a word document – Tia, Bryan

The Aztec art this week has been interesting and colourful which I’ve enjoyed – Alexander

I wrote a diary entry about a day in the life of an Aztec child which the class enjoyed listening to – Toby, Chloe

I enjoyed making up a poem about my mum for Mother’s Day – Kelsey







A week in Primary 5/6/7

The Jacobite topic is taking shape in P5/6/7, with several displays going up and lots of facts being shared in fact files! Our next step will be to decide on the activities our guests can take part in when they come to our Showcase Afternoon on the 17th March.

Ryan shared photographs of his house being renovated and we were amazed to find out it was built in the time of the Jacobites. We have used the photographs to help us decide on the design of our blackhouse wall in class.

The P7 boys have started to create their life-size canon!

‘It’s messy work but it will look good in the end. It is jet black.’ – Baillie, Willian and Luke.


What have p1/2 been up to this week?

It has been a lovely short week after our long weekend but p1/2 have still been very busy.

We have been learning about hot and cold colours and we have made a castle picture using half hot colours and half cold colours.

In maths, some of the groups have been learning about subtraction and consolidating their learning using  dice games. Others have been learning about the story of 10 using ten frames to help visualise it. We have also been using games on the ipad to help us remember our facts and recall them faster!

We have also been learning about different parts of a castle – for example, battlements around the top of the walls, arrow slits, drawbridge and portcullis, moat and tallest tower called the keep. We are all looking forward to continuing our knight training next week!


P1/2’s week

The boys and girls in primary 1/2 have been very busy this week learning their words for assembly and practicing hard.

We have begun the process of creating a medieval castle in our classroom after receiving a letter from King Arthur inviting us all to become knights in training – we are very excited to begin our training and learn about castles and the life of a knight through this!

In art we have been making some fireworks pictures from chalk as part of our learning about Chinese New Year.

In maths, some of us have been learning about adding two numbers together and remembering their doubles. Others have began to revise learning about subtraction from last year and developing their understanding further.

We are looking forward to sharing our Chinese New Year assembly with you next week.