Scottish Art in P4B

We have continued our focus on Scottish Art and songs and music this week. We completed our Rennie Mackintosh pictures and they’re brilliant. Some budding artists in P4B. We have also designed our own tartans and used oil pastels to complete these. Then we used a stencil of a Scottish animal which we covered with zentangle patterns in black pen. We cut these out and stuck them in the centre of our tartan designs. They are very effective.
We continued our Scottish theme in our writing- we listened to a reading of “To a Mouse” and discussed the meaning behind it. Then we created our own poems about a Scottish animal, trying to use some Scots language. Some great poems – well done P4B.
We have also worked on tenses this week and the introduction of the present perfect tense.
We have completed our block on multiplication and have done an assessment on it. Some of us still need to practise the higher tables. So continue to practise in your tables booklets.
Our birds are on our classroom windows with our New Year’s Resolutions for the playground.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.
Love from P4B and Mrs. Burton