P3 – W.C. 8th November

Primary three have had a busy week of learning.

Our IDL (Inter Disciplinary Learning) about space fed through our learning this week. The class learned about why the Earth, Moon and Sun are important to us and how they work. This led us nicely into our Maths and Science work, looking at the seasons and the months of the year. The class also continued to practise their time work. We created planets using mixed media and are going to assemble a model next week.

In French, we labelled bodies with their correct French words. We also practised our head, shoulders, knees and toes song (Tête, Épaules, Genoux et Pieds) very enthusiastically!

In Art, we created pointillism poppies which are now beautifully displayed on our wall.


The class were very respectful during the minutes silence and their understanding of Rememberence Day.

I – I really enjoyed making the pointilism poppies.

C – I loved making the planets in art.

L – I really enjoyed our French this week.

L – I liked learning football skills in PE.


Mrs Love