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P5H learn to measure!

P5 have been learning all about measuring length this week.  We have learned how to estimate first by thinking about rough measurements using different materials.  We then had to make sure we measured accurately down to the tiny millimetres.  We enjoyed working together in our groups.

P2240097 P2240099 P2240100 P2240104 P2240109

P3L Modern Languages Week

We have had a really enjoyable week looking at Spanish culture and learning some Spanish at the same time. We have been learning colours, the numbers 1 -10 and some common conversational phrases. We enjoyed learning lots of different facts and information about Spain that we worked in groups to create some fact files on Spanish culture and also looked at the work of Pablo Picasso and created our own portraits ‘Picasso style’. Keep checking the blog for further updates. Adiós . Continue reading ‘P3L Modern Languages Week’

Primary 6 Euroquiz

Four pupils from Primary 6, Aimee Beattie, Connor McKenzie, Carla Anderson and Euan Bell took part in the West Lothian heats of the Euroquiz. They studied hard to find out about The European Union and practiced from previous quizzes. They attended the heat at Howden Park Centre today (6th February) and came a very credible 7th out of 19 teams. The questions were very challenging (Mrs Fairley thought!) but the team were an absolute credit to Harrysmuir and should be very proud of themselves.IMG_1603 P2060429 P2060430 P2060431

NEWSLETTER – January 2015

Dear Parent/Carer

Red Nose Day

We are having a Red Nose Day on Friday 13th March in aid of Comic Relief.  The theme this year is Secret Agent and for a donation your child can come to school dressed up.  We will be selling Red Noses Continue reading ‘NEWSLETTER – January 2015′

Harrysmuir ECO group

On Monday 2nd February the school ECO group met for the first time this term and were straight into some serious ECO work. We were joined again by Joanne McKune from the West Lothian Council Waste Aware Team and carried out a waste audit on the school to see what and if any improvements can be made to the waste that we produce in school.

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The Vikings

In Primary 3 we have started our new topic, The Vikings. We have arranged ourselves into five small families and have discussed and looked at what life would have been like over 1000 years ago. We have also created a ‘wee’ Scottish coastal settlement where our families live.

P2020210 Continue reading ‘The Vikings’

Waste Aware Assemblies

P1300196 P1300198 P1300200 P1300201 P1300195 P1300202 P1300203 P1300204 P1300205 P1300206 P1300207 P1300208 P1300209

We had a special visit today from Joanne McKune who is from the West Lothian Council Waste Aware Team. She spoke to the whole school across the morning at an assembly for P4-7 and then P1-3. During the assemblies Joanne spoke about Reduce, Reuse and Recycle and how we can all do our bit to help the environment through making just small changes to the choices we make. Joanne also shared with us some pictures of how what we recycle is transformed into new products. Finally Joanne showed us what can be put into the black, blue, brown and food waste bins that we have in our community.

P3L Scottish Book Week


P1270187 P1270188

In Primary 3L we were looking at The Tale of Tam Linn and decided to write to the author Lari Don to show her what we had been up to over the week. We are so pleased with her reply and that of the publishers at Floris Books that we would like to share with you our correspondence.

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ECO News

Harrysmuir ECO would again like to say a huge thank you to all of you for your help and support. Together we collected over 2500 tokens for the West Lothian Courier WISH campaign. Once again the money raised will be used for different ECO projects throughout the school and to maintain our beautiful grounds. Continue reading ‘ECO News’

P7C Growth Mindset

In P7C this week we have been learning about growth mindsets. We had 2 people that were “stuck” to a chair on either side of the class. We were given a rollof tape, a newspaper, some string and a pair of scissors. In the middleof the 2 chairs there was a bowl and underneith the bowl was and apple. The goal was to get the apple an cut it into 6 even peices. all of the groups took different approches. The main approch was to get one person to tie the string on to the roll of tape then stick the newspaper in the middle. Then they threw it at the bowl  trying to move it towards the other person. Once the other person had it they got the scissors and cut the apple. Then tape the string on to the bowl then tie the other end on the roll of tape then throw the tape to the other person so they could roll it in, because in order to complete the task every member of the group needed a peice of the apple.



Here Morgan is cutting the apple


These are the materials we used


Nicola has managed to get the apple and is now cutting it


Here is Nicola pulling the bowl towards her