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Primary 5’s amazing fortnight.

Primary 5 have had an exciting couple of weeks.

Today the winner of our Inventors Challenge topic was announced. Congratulations to Ben and Corrin in primary 6 and Amy and Logan F in primary 5 who made up the team Building Blocks, and were the winners of the challenge! Their invention was a fantastic self-cleaning and self-heating shoe called Heatwave. Well done to all members!

PATPAL stands for Pupils as Teachers, Parents as Learners. On Wednesday we invited parents into school to demonstrate different problem solving activities and let parents have a go. We enjoyed sharing our strategies to our parents and had fun. We hope the parents enjoyed it too.

We have recently been learning about solids, liquids and gases as part of our science topic. Last Thursday, we participated in an experiment to cause an irreversible change from a solid to a liquid. We created icing by mixing icing sugar and water and used this to ice our own cupcakes. Primary 5 thoroughly enjoyed this experiment!




Primary 5’s jam-packed week!

This week, we worked hard to finish our products in time for our Inventors Challenge assembly. Today, we presented our products to the whole school. Some of us were nervous about speaking publicly but we all remembered our words and pulled it off!

During the week we were learning about Islamic food laws, specifically which foods are classed as Halal and Haram. We were then able to compare these laws to the Jewish food laws we learned about last week.

On Thursday we were lucky enough to see a production of ‘Oor Rabbie’. In this play, we learned about the life of Robert Burns and heard stories such as Tam O’Shanter. We also learned about Scottish traditions such as the cutting of the haggis in the shape of the St. Andrews cross.

Primary 5.

An Exciting week In Primary 6

This week in P6 we have been very busy. At the start of the week, we had our first PE lesson with Mr Gibson. The class voted to do football for the next four weeks. We started working on our pace and did races against each other.
On Wednesday we did a piece of personal writing about our favourite day of the Christmas holidays. We especially worked on adding thoughts and feelings to our writing.
This week we also started work on our new topic, Scotland. We each chose a famous scot to research and will be finding out more about them over the course of our topic.
We are all looking forward to finding out more things throughout 2015!!!!!!!!
By Emma and Freya!