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P1-3 Daily Greeting and Challenge

Good Morning P1-3! Here is your Fun Friday Challenge.

Have you ever read any Mr Men or Little Miss books by Roger Hargreaves? There are lots of different, interesting and fun characters in the series e.g. Mr Funny, Little Miss Magic and Mr Topsy Turvy.

Your challenge today is to create a new Little Miss or Mr Men character. Draw a picture of them with their name underneath. Remember to share your picture on your Learning Journal.

Have a lovely weekend and we hope that the sun shines!

Welcome to Wednesday P1-3 😎

Here we are at the middle of May already!  It is time for you to become a pirate and hide some treasure.  Can you choose a treasure, maybe a coin or some of your jewellery, to hide somewhere in your house or garden (but don’t tell anyone where 😉).  Then, can you draw a map using a starting point and putting an X for the treasure?  Ask someone in your house to use the map to try and find the treasure.  Maybe they could then make a map for you to follow if they have time.  Have fun mateys! We would love to see a picture of your map on your Learning Journal if you’d like to post it.

P1-3 Greeting and Challenge ‘Welcome to the Week’

Good morning on what is a sunny but chilly start to the day.  We hope that you have had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to the daily challenges and activities on your learning grid

Here is today’s challenge –

Use old / odd socks to create puppets. Put on a puppet show using your puppets for your family. We would love to see photos or hear about your show on Learning Journals.


Happy Wednesday P1-3 😎

Good morning everyone! We hope that you had a lovely long weekend. It looks like it is going to be another beautiful sunny day so today’s challenge takes you into the garden.  Grab a piece of paper, a pencil and your favourite plastic animal and head outside. See if you can trace the animal’s shadow. Colour or paint if after. Have fun with it and don’t forget to share it on your learning journal if you’d like. We would love to see it!

Good Morning P1-3! 🎼

Hello!  We hope you are all having a great week so far.

Today’s challenge is to learn a new song in a different language. Maybe someone you live with can teach you one or you may have to do some research online. See if you can find your favourite song in a different language. I know, for example, many of the Disney songs have been translated into multiple languages. Have some fun even if you only learn a line or two. We would love to hear it if you choose to share it on your learning journal or you can do a performance for your family.

P1-3 Daily Challenge

Good Morning P1-3.

We hope you had a lovely day yesterday. Today’s challenge is “Dandelion Ink”

The sap of a dandelion is white. When you start to write with it, it is invisible. Watch the magic happen as it dries! Can you write a message? Try it on different colour paper and see if there is a difference?

Top tip– if the sap starts to dry whilst writing, simply snip a little further up the stem.

Remember you can let us know how you got on, in your learning journals. It has been lovely to see what you have been doing. We hope you have a super day!

P1-3 Daily Challenge

Good Morning P1-3! We all hope that you have had a good week?

For the challenge today you will need someone else in your house to help you. They need to set a timer for 20 seconds. See if you can do the following:

  • How many animals at the zoo can you name in 20 seconds?
  • How many plants or flowers can you name in 20 seconds?
  • How many birds can you name in 20 seconds?
  • How many sweets can you name in 20 seconds?
  • How many types of transport can you name in 20 seconds?

Hope you have a lovely weekend. Look out for the next Daily Challenge on Monday!