Woodhead World Tour Week 2 – Spain

Woodhead World Tour 2020

Week 2

It’s Week 2 of our virtual tour around the world and our second stop is……


Option 1: We would like you to draw an animal and decorate it with felt tip pens using the mosaic technique used by Antoni Gaudi.  He was a Spanish architect, most famous for his work on the Sagrada Familia, a beautiful church in Barcelona.

To find out more about him visit https://kids.kiddle.co/Antoni_Gaud%c3%ad

Option 2: The Flamenco is a traditional Spanish dance.  Can you create your own Flamenco dance with hand claps, heel stamps and taps?  Or perhaps you can have a try at creating some music for a Flamenco dance?

Option 3: Come up with your own idea for an activity based on Spain.

Download the World Tour Passport and stamp the country once you have completed at least one activity.

Remember to share your photographs with us on Twitter @WoodheadPrimary

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