Staff August 2023

Leadership Team
Head Teacher Mrs C Fox
Depute Head Teacher Mrs C Watson
Acting Depute Head Teacher Mrs J Keltie
Acting Principal Teacher Mrs G Mitchell
Teaching Staff
Primary 1a Miss R Miller
Primary 1b Mrs S Arthur
Primary 2a Mrs V Clark (0.5) and Mrs J Howat (0.5)
Primary 2/3 Mrs L Murray
Primary 3 Mr C Markac
Primary 3/4 Miss J Casey
Primary 4 Miss M Gibson
Primary 4/5 Mrs A Mackie
Primary 5 Ms I Quigley
Primary 5/6 Mrs L Hannah
Primary 6 Mrs K Roe (0.3) and Mrs L Murray (0.7)
Primary 7a Mr B Cahill
Primary 7b Mr P Sullivan
Non-Class Contact Mrs V McPhee
Early Level Interventions Miss A Stewart
First/Second Level Interventions Mrs K Roe
PEF Interventions Mrs J Maclean
Early Years Staff
Early Years Team Leader Miss A. Harkness
Early Years Worker Mrs. L. Davidson
Early Years Worker Mrs. J. Forrest
Early Years Worker Mrs. C. Garland
Early Years Worker Mrs. L. Goldie
Early Years Worker Mrs. V. Kerr
Early Years Worker Miss A. Pirie
Early Years Worker Ms E. Cunningham (0.5)
Early Years Worker Ms S. Adam (0.5)
Early Years Support Assistant Mrs. L. Docherty
Support Staff
School Support Team Leader Mrs B Primas
School Support Assistant Mrs M Anderson
School Support Assistant Mr S Allardice (0.4)
School Support Assistant Mrs L Moir
School Support Assistant Mrs J Dunsmore
School Support Assistant Mrs F Hetherington
School Support Assistant Mrs G Steele
School Support Assistant Mrs F McNulty (0.6)
School Support Assistant Mrs L McAuley
School Support Assistant Mrs L Mackenzie (0.6)
Janitor Mrs Z McBride
Cleaning Supervisor Mrs C McCormick
Cook-in-Charge Mrs K Stewart
YFCL Worker Mrs C Stewart