Parent Council

​The Parent Council is a group of parents/carers selected by members of the parent forum (the collective name for every parent/carer) to represent their views.

Parent Councils have an important role to play in ensuring that children’s education is enriched by parents’ valuable life experience, individual personal skills and unique knowledge of their own child.

You can find out more about the role of Parent Councils at

The Parent Council for Woodhead Primary School consists of:

Parent Council Members
Sheila Moore (Chair)
Karen Mulholland (Vice-Chair)
Freya Kennedy (Secretary)
Denise McCafferty
Pamela Shearer
Stephen Lennox
Alison Yim
Scott Lindsay
Helen Paterson
Laura McIntyre
Fiona Hendry
Lisa Gardner (Nursery Member)
Staff Members
Miss R. Miller
Mrs. C. Fox
Miss A. Pirie (Nursery Staff Member)
Advisor to the Parent Council
Mr. S. Jasnosz-Clark (Head Teacher)
Councillor Representation
Cllr. John Ross
Cllr. Celine Handibode
Cllr. Gavin Keatts
Cllr. Helen Toner

The Parent Council has a constitution which is reviewed at the Annual General Meeting each year.

Parent Council Constitution 2021

The Parent Council publish an annual report each year to provide an update on their work each year:

Parent Council AGM Report 2021

Dates of 20121/22 Parent Council Meetings:

Click on the date to download a copy of the minutes.
(NB – Minutes are uploaded once approved at the following meeting.)
Tuesday 6th September 2021 (AGM)
Tuesday 5th October 2021
Tuesday 2nd November 2021 – MEETING CANCELLED
Tuesday 7th December 2021
Tuesday 1st February 2022
Tuesday 1st March 2022
Tuesday 10th May 2022
Tuesday 7th June 2022

2020-21 Minutes Archive

2019-20 Minutes Archive

2018-19 Minutes Archive

All meetings take place from 6.45pm-8.30pm.  At present, these take place via Zoom.

If you have a suggestion for the Parent Council, you can fill in the form below.  A member of the PC will review the message and, if relevant, will discuss it in the ‘Matters Arising’ agenda item at an upcoming next meeting .  Please note that this is intended for suggestions.  Parents with specific questions or concerns should contact the school directly.