Woodhead World Tour Week 1 – Scotland

Woodhead World Tour 2020

Week 1

It’s Week 1 of our virtual tour around the world and our first stop is……


Option 1: Scotland is famous for the kilt and has many different tartans that represent different clans.

Can you design your own tartan for your family? Think about the colours you would use and how they would fit together. Use whatever medium and method you like, eg: -paint/felt pens and paper, paper weaving, computer paint programs etc.  How about creating your own Higland Games?  You could try sports like Caber tossing and Shot Put?

Option 2: Steven Brown is Scottish artist who is famous for his ‘McCoo’s. Can you create your own McCoo? This Power Point might give you some ideas but you can choose your own medium and methods you like, eg: paint and paper, collage with wool/fabric/paper, computer paint programme etc.

Steven Brown Art Lesson PowerPoint

Steven Brown Art Lesson Activity Sheet

Option 3: Come up with your own idea for an activity based on Scotland

Download the World Tour Passport and stamp the country once you have completed at least one activity.

Remember to share your photographs with us on Twitter @WoodheadPrimary

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