What went well?

This term we have introduced a new activity to our Friday afternoons. We have been completing this activity at the end of the day and it is proving to be a super way to end the week on a positive.

We’ve  noticed that it’s not always easy to identify something positive about yourself. In order to try and encourage this positive attitude we are trying to identify some positives that have happened to/ for us throughout the week. There were some initial hesitations but as the term is progressing we are finding it easier each time. We are realising that even in these uncertain times there are lots of positives and we have many things to be thankful for and ending the school week with a ‘high five’ is always nice!

Well done P4/5!

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2 thoughts on “What went well?”

  1. Thank you for sharing this P4/5. It is so important that we look for the positives each day. I read or heard somewhere that this can actually change your brain and make you a more positive person!

    High 5 for this week:
    I loved hearing and watching the bairns from nursery enjoying the rain.
    We made traffic light cookies and we wore stripes for No Need to Speed Week.
    I have met up online with some of the friends I went to Skye with.

    1. It’s been discussed that I should be adding to this list too – a rare occasion where I don’t insist on participating in anything I’m asking the class to do!
      I shall try to ensure that I add something to the weekly list.
      My high five for last week:
      1. Finally being able to see friends indoors!
      2. We managed to get the whole class on the recognition board this week.
      3. I had some fun trying to learn how to play the boomwhackers so we could attempt this in class for our Christmas concert.

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