Baba Yaga!

Primary 4/5  enjoyed their trip to Mareel yesterday (16th May) to watch Baba Yaga.  The show is part of Edinburgh international children’s festival produced by Imaginate.  It was billed as an uproarious musical journey, a new take on an old Russian folk tale.  Here is what some children thought of it:

Koll-“It was one of the best things I’ve done in school.”

Frankie-“I enjoyed going to see something different but it wasn’t my favourite.”

Abi-“It was really funny.”

Robbie- “The message was to follow your dreams.”  “It was ok.”

Evie-” It was a hilarious play.  I’d love to see it again.”

Tory-“I enjoyed it a lot.”

Kayla-” I thought it was hilarious when Baba Yaga was doing the Floss.”

Fergus-“I liked that bit too.”

Liam-“It was wierd but I kinda liked it!”

Emma-“It was really funny and wierd and I’d like to go and see it again.”

Mia-“It was funny and I enjoyed it.”

Isabel-“The first time I watched it I liked it but I didn’t really get it.  The second time I understood it and enjoyed it.

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