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Rights Respecting Schools’ Award

I am very pleased to announce that the school was successful in achieving our Gold Award from UNICEF. Everyone worked very hard and the assessors were impressed with the work that is happening around rights at the school. They identified particular strengths of the school as:

  • Strong commitment to children’s rights from the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and a clear understanding of how rights underpin and support other aspects of school life.
  •  SLT constantly strive to find new and innovative ways to embed RRS and include the Convention in all strategic planning.
  • Prominent visibility of rights in vibrant displays throughout the school.
  • Learning connections made across the curriculum, with a solid link to Learning for Sustainability.
  • Children bringing rights to life, demonstrating good knowledge and understanding and making them a part of everyday interaction.
  • Pupils are empowered to take an active role in their school and wider community.


Forest, Farms and Mines Day 6

Today we met Vicki from the National Mining Museum. She taught us all about how mines have changed of the years and about mining in Ayrshire. We found out how important it is to have our rights as in the Victorian period children did not have these and had to work in dangerous conditions in the mines.

Primary 5 and Primary 6 also visited Belleisle where the rangers taught us about the woodland habitats and the different plants and trees that grow in the park

We also had a visit from Miss Young to tell us all about a day in the life of a farmer.

Article 24
All children and young people have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information to help them stay alive, healthy and safe.


RRS Committee – Spreading the Word

Our Right Respecting Committee visited the Auld Kirk on Sunday 4th February to inform the congregation about the UNCRC and share the work that has gone on in school. They explained how this ties in with our school values. Members of the Church comment on how well the pupils explained themselves and what excellent ambassadors they made.

Article 42
You have the right to know your rights! Adults should know about these rights and help you learn about them, too.


Dress Down Day – Thursday 8.2.18

At Holmston Primary we are aiming towards becoming a Fairtrade School.

We are holding a non-uniform/dress down day on Thursday, 8th February 2018 to help us raise funds for a Fairtrade challenge that will take place during Fairtrade Fortnight 26th Feb – 11th March 2018.  Pupils are asked to make a donation to wear their own clothes. Please remember that football colours are not suitable. All contributions are voluntary

The Fairtrade campaign this year is called “Come On In” and we will be inviting parents to ‘come on in’ on Friday 9th March from 2.00pm and share our learning about the work Fairtrade does and the impact it has on people and families around the world.

Primary 4
Holmston Primary School

Article 32
You have the right to protection from work that harms you, and is bad for your health and education. If you work, you have the right to be safe and paid fairly.


Shoeshare June 2017

Holmston are a Rights Respecting School!  We recently held a SHOESHARE collection in partnership with Unicef and Clarks. To support children across the world and help them access their right to education (Article 28), we donated our unused shoes and collected them in school.  Clarks use the shoes to raise money for UNICEF who provide  basic resources such as pens and pencils so children have the right tools to learn, they also support in training teachers and work with governments to ensure the quality and standard of education remains high.

As a Rights Respecting School, Holmston are proud to play our part in transforming children’s lives across the world!