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Social Media Information

We have been informed by our campus cop that there have been a number of incidents recently at schools in the local area whereby pupils have been using the internet/social media to communicate indecently with other pupils, and even adults unknown to them. Pupils, some of whom are of mid Primary School age, are downloading various apps such as Snaphat, Instagram, Facebook, Messenger, Whatsapp, Kik and Holla to name a few. Some of the content is sexualised in nature, which is gravely concerning and places the pupils at risk of real harm. Our Campus Officer, PC Blackmore, has already been in schools to talk to classes about keeping themselves safe online. He will be continuing with this in the coming weeks. It is imperative however, that parents are aware of these issues and keep a close eye on their child’s use of devices capable of accessing the internet and limit/remove their use of such apps. We would ask that parents also speak with their child about online safety and the dangers of communicating with strangers online. PC Blackmore is happy to help with any advice should you require any.


Primary 7 and Southcraig Sherborne Project

Primary 7 are very excited to be learning with pupils from Southcraig School to experience inclusive Sherborne Developmental Movement Therapy. Sherborne is based on natural movement play activities inspired by the philosophy and Theory of Human Movement by Rudolf Laban. It offers all participants the inclusive opportunity to develop body and spatial awareness skills. As the children work through the Sherborne Movements each week they will learn to build positive relationships through demonstrating sensitivity as a responsible partner, an awareness of communicating and working together and a shared enjoyment of the movement and play.