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Dance Competition Winners!

Well done to our P3 and P4 Dance Club. They achieved second place in the South Ayrshire Dance Competition. We would like to thank the Belmont Dance Leaders РRachel and Sarah Рfor choreographing and leading the Dance Club. All the pupils thoroughly enjoyed themselves Рand half of the pupils had already performed a Nativity before this event too! Congratulations to all the boys and girls.

If any parents would like to help out and support at any of our existing clubs or start a club, please contact the school.

Whitletts Activity Centre Football Tournament Review

On the Wednesday 14th of December we went to a school football tournament at the Whitletts activity centre. We were quickly told about the rules and then we were told who we were playing first. We were on the bench first. The games were 7 minutes. We played Alloway first. It was a tough game but we managed to score one to seal the game. We had a quick drinks break then watched the Grammar vs Alloway game then we were quickly on against Forehill in our 2nd match. The game kicked off and we quickly grabbed a goal we were in complete domination in the match and grabbed a 2nd goal. The game ended 2-0 Holmston. Our 3rd and final match was against Grammar we were determined not to concede and we got what we wanted! We quickly came on and bagged a goal not long after we scored again then in the last minute of the match we scored and the whistle was blown for full time.

Overall we scored 6 goals as a team

Conceded 0 goals

And won all 3 games!!

by Patrick