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P6 trip to Culzean

On Friday 7th September, the P6 visited Culzean Castle to study biodiversity as part of their Science topic. This is what they had to say about the trip:

“We went pond dipping and we caught newts in the pond. We went deep into the forest to look at the diversity of plants and animals. We had two rangers, Ian and Kate, who taught us about biodiversity.” Jayden and Scott

“When we arrived at Culzean we went on a walk with our ranger, Kate. we were identifying leaves. I found a lime and a beech leaf. Then we looked at invasive plants: rhododendron and bamboo. Bamboo has a great story! We have no pandas  in Scotland but years ago the people that lived in Culzean wanted to look fancy because wealthy people grew bamboo. To get rid of an invasive plant you have to remove all the roots. When we went pond dipping we found newts, leeches and waterboatmen. We even found two rare newts!” Charlotte

P4 trip to Vikingar

Last week Primary 4 visited Largs to enrich their learning about the Vikings. This is what they had to say about it:

“It was very cool because we went in a longhouse and we saw a longship. The longhouse was also a bedroom and a kitchen. We got to try the helmets on and they were very heavy. We also went a walk to the Viking village. There were lots of Vikings there and the first tent we went they showed us where the Vikings would have slept. We also got runes painted on our hands we had lots of fun.” 


Forest, Farms and Mines Day 4

Today we visited a dairy farm – Strandhead Farm in Tarbolton. We found out all about the skills needed to be a farmer and work with animals. It was great fun getting to see the cows up close and see where our milk comes from.

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