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Health week

St. Peters Health Week will run this year from Monday 18th June to Friday 22nd June. We have a very busy and exciting week planned for the children.

Active clothing can be worn throughout this week as the children will be involved in physical activities each day. Please make sure that your child has suitable clothing e.g. no football colours/team strips/cropped t-shirts. Please ensure that your child has suitable footwear for activities. Children will be encouraged to drink lots of water this week and should have their own water bottle.

We look forward to a fun filled week full of positive team spirit and look forward to seeing some family members during this week. A letter will sent home with more details.

The Fiver Challenge

Primary 5 and Primary 5/6 have been working on the “Fiver Challenge”. This is an enterprise programme whereby students use £5 pledges to get their business ideas off the ground.

On Friday 15th June, the P5 and P5/6 children will host an afternoon of activities for a small fee. All money raised will go towards school funds for next session.

The following activities will be on offer for children on Friday 15th June:

  • Football and Beat the Goalie
  • Art and Drawing Stall
  • Glitter Tattoos
  • Cake Stall
  • Pick and Mix Sweet Stall
  • Video Game Trial
  • Remote Control Car Racing

All activities will cost between 30p – 50p

Primary 5 and Primary 5/6 would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Pirates of the Curry Bean

Pirates of the Curry Bean

St. Peter’s Primary Drama Group are having a special community performance of their amazing show “Pirates of the Curry Bean” by Craig Hawes.


Wednesday 6th June 2018 – 3.30 pm

Thursday 7th June 2018 – 6.00 pm

Tickets: Adults-£2.50, Children-free. Tickets available from the school office.

See you there!!

P4-Developing our measuring skills

Developing our measuring skills

We have begun a new maths topic to develop our measuring skills. At the moment, we are focusing on length and we are busy revising how many centimetres are in 1 metre!

Our teacher set us different tasks such as finding objects which measures less that ¼ of a metre, ½ of a metre and also ¾ of a metre. It was fun and we took turns to use a metre stick.

We also discussed the importance of measure and how many jobs rely on measuring the length of objects.  It was very interesting!