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“Chicks away”

Our new chicks have gone to a new home. They have settled in well to their new surroundings at Mrs Ewing’s. They are very happy in their new cage looking at the  drawings that some of the P1/2’s girls made for them.

Here are some other new arrivals at Mrs Ewing’s.

School Meals

As we welcome pupils back to school, a reminder that the cost of meals in all Renfrewshire Council schools have changed from the start of the new school term. Grab and Go Days are £2.05, while Dine in Days are now £2.25. The price of a paid nursery meal will also be £2.25. Children entitled to free school meals will still receive them as usual. Parents or guardians who receive certain benefits are eligible to apply for a free school meal for their child. All children in P1 to P3 are eligible for a free school meal.