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Letter from Director of Children’s Services

Sent on behalf of Steven Quinn, Director of Children’s Services

Good evening,

First of all, my apologies for sending this information so near to the holidays. Unfortunately, it is only now that the programme has been confirmed.

The Renfrewshire Get into Summer programme starts on Monday 28 June.

A wide range of fun-filled, free activities will be available across Renfrewshire for children and young people aged 5 to 25 to enjoy as part of the government funded summer programme.

The programme is designed to improve the wellbeing of children, young people and families, and has been organised by the Council’s Community Learning and Development service and Renfrewshire Leisure Limited.

The council will be raising awareness of the programme through its social media channels. A Facebook event to promote it was set up on the council’s page this morning and posts about the programme will be published on its Facebook and Twitter accounts at 9pm tonight.

If your school has a social media account, it would be greatly appreciated if you could share these posts and event on it this week. However, and I stress, only if you have the time available to do so.

More information about the programme can be found at and we will be sending a text to all parents with a link to this information.

A list of local activities is available on the Young Scot ( and Renfrewshire Leisure websites.




Update: New Lunch Menus – Now starting in August

Please Note: The new lunch menus will now be starting in August instead.

New Primary & Nursery Lunch Menus will be starting week commencing the 14th of June. This will be a return to a full 2 course plated service.

The Primary & Nursery Menu is on a 2 week cycle (the nursery menu has some slight variations compared to the primary menu to meet regulations, and there will be no longer a separate under 2’s menu).

Please see the menus below, along with (Dairy Free, Egg Free & Gluten Free Menus for Primary & Nursery).

Primary School Menu 20-21

Primary School Menus Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free

Nursery Menu 2021

Nursery Menus (Dairy Free, Gluten Free, Egg Free)

Another treat for pupils

Children in the nursery and whole school will enjoy a virtual school show by ‘The McDougalls’ theatre company. The link will be given to us to view during the last week of school. We have purchased this with money from the funds raised during Mental Health Week – another great treat for pupils! Enjoy!

The McDougalls | Home | Music & Theatre Company | Theatre Shows | Children’s Theatre | Family Show (

St Peter’s Health Week

During the week beginning 14th June, children will participate in activities linked to Health and Wellbeing. They will learn about healthy lifestyles and take part in P.E and dance lessons. They will learn about the importance of good mental health and will take part in mindfulness lessons. Children will study relationships during ‘God’s Loving Plan’ lessons, which are differentiated for each primary. This is also Walk to School Week and we ask that you encourage your children, where possible to walk/cycle/scooter to school. Classes will have sports days on the grass area in our playground throughout this week. We hope that your child has lots of fun!

Mental Health Fun Day

From the generous proceeds raised from our mental health awareness activities, the nursery and each class will be treated to a magician show and a silent disco on Friday 11th June.  Uniform should be worn as normal on this day.  Thank you

P7 Confirmation

Congratulations to all of our children who recently received the Sacrament of Confirmation in St Peter’s Church.  Thank you to Fr Andrew and the parishioners who helped to make the occasion special for all of the children and their families.

First Holy Communion

Congratulations to all of our pupils who recently received the Sacrament of First Holy Communion in St Peter’s Church. Thank you to Fr Andrew and the parishioners who helped to make these occasions special for the children and their families.

P7 Raffle Winners

Primary 7 Raffle

Thank you to everyone who entered the raffle and supported the Primary 7’s during their fundraising.

Congratulations to our winners:

Abercorn Tyre Co – Shay (P4)

The Dog Lassie – Orianna (Nursery)

K9 Way – Caleb L (P6/7)

Bel Cibo Box – Niamh B (P5/6)

Baillies Photograph Slate – Lacie (P4/5)

Rachel Griffin Hair – Charlie McP (P1)

Baillies Personalised Cushion – Kieran C (P4/5)

Rachel Griffin Hair – Grace (P4/5)

Inflated Dreams Balloons – AJ (P6/7)

Baillies Personalised Pyjamas – Jaxen E (P1)

Baillies Personalised Cushion – Max C (p5/6)

Party Like A King – Freddie (Nursery)

Baillies Hoodie and T-Shirt – Mrs. Everett

Hannah Gormley Eyebrows – Mialena C (P5/6)

Balance Prep Meals – Aiden O’Malley (p1/2)

Glenbun – Aoife (P4)

David Cairney Barbering – David M (P6/7)

Glenbun – Mrs. Tannahill

The Girls Boutique – Darcie (P1)

Bee’s Weaves – Quinn (P3)

Gemma Lowe Hair – Joe (P4/5)

Airhead Balloons – Ben (P1)

Flower Shop Elderslie – Logan (Nursery)

Under Pressure Driveway Clean – Maisie (P7)

Baillies Baby Set – Aiden O’Neil (P1)

Gift Box – Layla V (P1)

Renfrewshire Council’s ‘Team Up to Clean Up’ June 2021

Saint Peter’s Primary School are taking part in the ‘Team Up to Clean Up’ campaign organised by Renfrewshire Council. We are having a ‘Big Clean Up’ during the month of June. Children in Primaries 1-3 will have a chance to use the litter pickers within the school grounds during Health Week. Primaries 4 – 7 will have the opportunity to go out into the local area to help tidy up. School staff will accompany the children. If you would not like your child to participate, please contact the school office as soon as possible.

Active Schools Activity Day

A big thank you to the Active Schools Coaches for a great day today. Despite the weather, all classes took part in the outdoor activities and enjoyed their allotted activities.


Primary 7 had a great day taking part in special activities with the active schools coaches!  Activities included fire lighting, frisbee golf, team building and night line.


Due to COVID restrictions, Primary 7 are currently unable to participate in our traditional Primary 7 excursions. As a result, we are planning to provide 3 days of fun filled activities and special experiences for the primary 7 pupils.  We will be having a raffle to help raise funds for this and some of our local businesses have very kindly donated some amazing prizes.  Thank you to all of them for their generosity.

Please read our letter for more information

Thank you for your continued contribution.

Virtual Kilt Walk

We are taking part in Scotland’s Virtual Kilt Walk for the Dreams Come True charity. On Thursday 29th April, children are asked to bring £1 donation to school. They will be asked to walk around the perimeter of the school grounds which is roughly 500 metres. Children should wear their uniform and ensure that they have suitable footwear.

Spring Tea Party

A ‘Spring Tea Party’ and will take place on Thursday 1st of April 2021 for ALL Primary Schools. The food served will be the following: Selection of Sausage Rolls, Chicken Nuggets, Healthy Oat Bites, Jam Tarts, Salad & Juice. 

Food will be served in the usual white takeaway box & we will still be offering sandwiches as an alternative to the themed lunch.

Dietary needs will be catered for.

If your child has specific dietary needs or you require more information, please contact the school office.

Spring Tea Party (Poster)

Inspired 2021 Art competition winners

Congratulations to everyone who entered this years Inspired 2021 Art competition, Renfrewshire Leisure will be showcasing all of the work that was submitted.

However, two of our pupils, Joseph Fabiani in P2/3 and Ryan Cartwright in P6/7,  have received a highly commended certificate for their entries. Congratulations and well done to both of them.

Playing with Tornadoes_Joseph _p2_St Peters primary

Normality_Ryan_P6_St Peters primary

SCIAF – Funday Fridays

As we are once again supporting SCIAF as our Lenten Charity we are going to FUNdraise while having FUN! For the next four Fridays we are going to do something fun to raise awareness and money for SCIAF.

Friday, 12th March – Wear it purple day.

Purple is our Church’s colour of Lent. You can wear 1 thing purple or you can go purple crazy and wear as much purple as you can!! If you are in school you can bring £1 for SCIAF if you are at home you can put your £1 in a safe place and bring it when you return to school. P4-7 on Friday you will have a google meet with your class and you can show everyone what your purple thing is.

Friday, 19th March – Crazy hair day.

Friday, 26th March – Own clothes day.

Thursday – 1st April, (the day we stop for the Easter break) – PYJAMA day!!!!

If you can please bring £1 each of these Fridays for SCIAF. Maybe you can do chores for your families to earn these pounds.

Thank you children.

Active Schools information

We are encouraging all St Peter’s Primary School families to follow Renfrewshire Leisure Sports Services social media platforms. Together we aim to support all of our young people and families to remain active during this challenging time. Active Schools will be posting resources, local campaigns, virtual sport/physical activity sessions and lots more on their social media channels below. Please like/follow their platforms to help us get Renfrewshire families, more active, more often.


Twitter: @RLSportServices


YouTube : 

Lenten message from Father Andrew

Hello everyone

I’m Fr. Andrew from St Peter’s Church, I hope you are all safe and well.

We are now in Lent a time when we try even harder to be good, when we try to get to know God even better. This year you have learned so many important things including caring for others by doing the right things, keeping in touch and washing your hands.

One of the most important things we can do is to pray, and I would ask that this Lent could you say an extra prayer for your school and all the children throughout the world who are going through this year with you.

God Bless you and your families

Fr. Andrew

Download your Lent Journal and follow the lessons and activities during each week of Lent:

Lent Booklet – Primary 1

Lent Booklet – Primary 2-4

Lent Booklet – Primary 5-7

Winter Olympics

Classes have been looking at the winter Olympics.

P2/3 have been learning about snowboarding and designed their own snowboard,

P3 – bobsleighing and they designed their own kit.

P6/7 – ice hockey and they learned how to play this in the playground.

Star Pupils

Primary 1

Piper McCrystal                 For being brave
Aimia Allison                        Showing kindness to her classmates
Ben McElroy                        For having a great attitude to learning
Darcie Donlon                   Always trying her best in all curricular areas
Chrisvin Varghese          For following classroom rules
Eilidh McKee                     Showing kindness and helping others in the                                                        playground
Kian Manson            Has a great understanding of the classroom rules.
Zuzanna Wesolowska    For being a great friend


Primary 1/2

Kyle Doherty                    For always having lovely manners
Aiden O’Malley               Voted by his classmates for being a good friend
Heidi McGivern               For good listening skills during class lessons
Mia Crangle                       Always working hard during reading activities
Orla Craig                            Showing kindness to her classmates
Joshua McPhee                Excellent drawing skills
Nina Mothersole             For having excellent listening skills and                                                                  following instructions
Saffron Bradley                Working hard during reading activities


Primary 2/3

Faith MacPherson       For gaining confidence and answering out
Johan Isaac                      For trying really hard with his classwork in                                                          particular his very good writing
Matthew Coulthard    Confidently answering maths questions                                                                 beyond 50!
Daniel Crook                    Beautiful artwork for our Christmas wall
Olivia Jamieson              Looking out for others and making sure                                                                 everyone in included
Arnis Jurenkovas           Fantastic writing about fireworks.


Primary 3

Orla Harkins                         Fantastic learning and understanding of                                                               acrostic poems
Sam Clark                              Helping his classmates learn new football                                                             skills
Zuzia Kawalec                   Being responsible and helping to tidy and                                                            clean the classroom
Leo McLean                       Helping to cheer up a friend at playtime and                                                        using encouraging words to help others with                                                     their writing
Michael Roberts            Delivering a fantastic solo talk about his                                                              favourite book
Alexander McLean       Showing excellent prediction skills when                                                              using  clues
Isabella Noble                Showing kindness and asking to help tidy up                                                        the class
Nataniel Oles                Giving a confident performance in our class                                                         Nativity.
Orla Harkins                   Showing kindness to others and helping them                                                    make up when they had fallen out.
Terry O’Hare                   For showing kindness to a class friend and                                                             playing with them when they felt sad during                                                      playtime.
Leona Richardson         For taking the time to show kindness to a                                                             classmate and helping them feel better when                                                     they were sad.

Primary 4

Abi Nicholas                     Working hard on her report writing
Shane Richardson         Showing excellent manners
Caoimhe Ogilvie             For being kind and helpful.
Christa Vargause            For always listening.
Roybn Gilhooley             For working hard in all curricular areas.
Regan Stewart                 For being a good friend.
Kate Smith                         For working hard, particularly in maths.
Shay Timony                      For being a caring friend.


Primary 4/5

Ellie Fadian                    Very responsible in class and always showing                                                     kindness to others
Alfie Baillie                      Working very hard to make progress in reading
Kieran Campbell          Being a good friend and behaving responsibly
Joe Hannigan                 Excellent use of imagination during writing                                                          activities and impressive cooperative skills                                                          while solving problems in Numeracy
Kalani Munro                 For always showing good manners in class and                                                  being kind to others
Erin Farr                            Very kind to others and always sets a good                                                           example
Callum Ogilvie               For being very interested in all topic work and                                                  for making a fantastic power point on rivers

Primary 5/6


Emily Jamieson          Showing kindness to all the children in P5/6
Lukas Jurenkovas     Excellent skills in Science and STEM
Joseph Moohan         Excellent performance from home for school                                                     show
Jessica Noble              Fantastic ideas in story writing
Jack Cameron            For showcasing his imaginative skills in drama

Primary 6/7

Ryan McManus             Always works hard in class and is respectful to                                                 everyone
Harry Higgins                Very kind and helpful to everyone
Aiden Wood                   Working hard to make progress in writing
Daniel Carr                     Working hard to make progress in maths
Treasure Onwubolu   Using ambitious vocabulary in all writing                                                              activities
Lucas Corrigan               Fascinating imagination in writing.

Primary 7


Paulina Ragauskaite          Very hard working and always does what is                                                          asked of her
Mirin Muldoon                      Always very kind and respectful
Mateo de Medina Doig    Showing good manners all of the time.
AmyEllen O’Neill                  Being kind and thoughtful of others’                                                                        feelings.
Joseph Fallon                         Showing good sportsmanship.
Suzanna Kotnowska           Working hard and showing respect to                                                                     everyone.
Imogen Porteous –               Being responsible and helpful to others.
Sean Dolan                               Being a good and helpful friend.

P3 – Catholic Education Week Activities

In Primary 3 we are celebrating Catholic Education Week this year by taking the theme ‘Jesus, The Way, The Truth and The Life’ and showing its relevance in our lives today. The children have been learning about the lives of some of our saints, remembering Pope Francis’ message that God is calling us all to be saints. Pope Francis also encourages the children to ‘Dream big’ and use their talents to their full potential. Primary 3 also learned about some of the history of the first Catholic school in Paisley and how it was funded by Paisley Abbey. The children have recorded personal challenges which they feel will make a difference in their lives and the lives of others and bring them closer to God.

P1 Registration

Children who reach 5 years of age between 1 March 2021 and 28 February 2022 inclusive should be registered for education in their catchment school.

You must register your child in only one school, either the denominational or non-denominational school for your area. If you need information on schools for your area please telephone
0300 300 0170 or visit  You can also find details of all local schools on the map page by clicking on the link below:

Registration will be live online during week commencing 2nd November to 9th November through
For those unable to register online we request that you telephone your local catchment school to make an appointment to attend in person during these dates.

Parents/carers must provide satisfactory documentary evidence of the age of their child and that their family reside within the catchment area of the school. This evidence includes:
1. Child’s full Birth Certificate
2. Most recent Council Tax Notice or if not currently resident in the property either a concluded missive or a signed and witnessed tenancy agreement/lease.
3. Child Benefit Statement. In the event that a Child Benefit Statement is not available, a Driving Licence or a Bank
Statement/utility bill showing transactions over the most recent 3 months and the applicant’s address may be accepted. Or If appropriate to current circumstances – Court Order / Looked After Child / Foster Carer document(s).

4. Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate (if applicable)

The list above is not exhaustive and the Council retains the right to ask for further information when proof of residency is not satisfied. Original documents must be produced upon request.

If you want your child to go to a different school you require to register at your catchment school and thereafter make a placing request. Placing Request Forms are available from the website above by entering ‘Sending your child to school’ into the search bar and then selecting ‘Sending your child to school- August 2021’, from related documents.  You can also request a form by telephoning 0300 300 0170 or your catchment school.
Please read the following document from Renfrewshire Council:

Paths privacy statement

This leaflet explains what data Barnardos PATHS programme keeps about you and your family, what Barnardo’s does with this data and your rights in relation to it. If you would like more information about how your data is handled or if you would like your child to be excluded from the PATHS questionnaires, please contact our coordinator Katrina McGovern at

KM Barnardo’s PATHS Privacy Statement 2020

Return to school update

We are aware that parents/ carers have many questions related to returning to school next week. Please refer to the information that was issued in June and is still available on the school website. All information given remains the same. Stationery required in school will be provided and will remain in school. Children can bring a school bag, lunch bag and water bottle which will remain with them in their classroom. Children can get a packed lunch from the dinner hall but hot meals will not be available initially. An update will be issued early next week to confirm any further arrangements, such as staggered entry/exit times. Staff are working to ensure a safe and happy return to school for all of our pupils and we look forward to seeing them all again next week.

To our Graduates

It has been a joy and a pleasure watching you grow and learn during your time at St. Peter’s Nursery. You are now ready for the new adventures, challenges and opportunities school will offer.

       *** Every End Has A New Beginning***


Thank you to our parents, carers and families for choosing St. Peter’s Nursery to care for your child.

P7 Transition

A transition event for P7 pupils will take place in St. Andrew’s Academy on Monday 22nd June. P7 pupils will then have an opportunity to attend a session in St. Peter’s on Tuesday 23rd June.

On both days, sessions will last for approximately an hour and a half, and parents/carers will be required to drop off and collect their child.

You will be notified of your child’s allocated time as soon as possible.

Please contact the school if your child has any underlying health conditions.

Thank you.


Summer critical childcare for key workers.

We will continue to offer a critical childcare service for the children of single parents who are key workers or for children with two parents if they are both key workers. We are also supporting children, young people and families where there is a need.

We have already contacted key workers and families who are currently using our service. If you think you meet the criteria for this support, you can find out more and how to apply on the council’s website.

Parents who already have children in our Early Years hubs are not required to make application again for summer provision.

Uniform – August 2020

Taking consideration of the blended approach to learning which is being planned as well as the increased amount of outdoor learning that we aim to deliver, we are suggesting a slight change to our traditional school uniform for August.  We ask that pupils attend school wearing a red polo shirt, black sweatshirt and black leggings, joggers or comfortable trousers.  Polo shirts and sweatshirts with our school badge are available from local school wear shops.  Children should bring a suitable jacket/coat to school every day.  They should come to school wearing trainers or other footwear suited to learning outdoors and will require a change of shoes, such as plimsoles for wearing in the gym hall. If your child is unable to tie their own shoe laces please consider Velcro fastening footwear to avoid unnecessary close contact with staff during the day.

We are aware that many parents like to have photographs taken of children starting school, and understand that this is a very important occasion, but we ask that you think carefully about purchasing uniform items that children may not get full use out of.

Mrs Mazzoni

St. Peter’s parent/carer survey

At this time of year, we always carry out a parent/carer survey to help us evaluate the work we have done and to plan improvements.
This year, due to the situation we are all in, we are carrying out our survey electronically.  I would like to invite all parents/carers of pupils at St. Peter’s Primary School, to complete our survey using the link below.
Please complete this short survey by Monday 8th June. Your feedback and responses are vital to us and will be used as part of our school improvement planning for next session.

Renfrewshire Council Parent and carer survey response

Earlier this month, Renfrewshire Council asked parents and carers to submit their questions on schools and nurseries. Thank you to everyone who took part, there was a phenomenal response with more than 1,000 questions.

Your most-asked questions were put to Steven Quinn, Director of Children’s Services, which you can see at You can also find answers to many more questions there too.

Thank you for your continued patience and support for our school/nursery during this difficult time. We hope to see you back in our school/nursery as soon as it is safe to do so.

Useful Information from Renfrewshire Council

Some useful information from Renfrewshire Council.

General Coronavirus Information (includes a link to schools information):


Coronavirus Information and FAQs about early years and schools:


Online application for free school meals: (Visit the page and then click on ‘Apply for Free School Meals’ under Related Links on the right hand side of the page)


Online application for clothing grants:  this should reopen on 1 June 2020 or shortly thereafter and information is on the same page as for meals.


Can you help us? Aberlour Urgent Assistance Fund

Aberlour Children’s Charity  is calling on their supporters and members of the public to give what they can to their Urgent Assistance Fund

This is a very uncertain and worrying time for everyone, especially the families we support, some of whom, you will know, are already at breaking point. For that reason, we would like to ask for your help to share the information about our Urgent Assistance Fund more widely, so we are able to reach more vulnerable families across Scotland who need us.

Right now we are focussing on getting more donations to our urgent assistance fund so that we are able to help more people.

Could you help the Fundraising Team by:-

1.       Sharing our appeal link on your social media pages

2.       Sharing the link for applications, in order to sign post any family who may require our help at this difficult time

3.       Or share and take part in our #TowerForAberlour social media push by creating and posting and picture and including our text to donate number, text ‘TOWER’ to 70085 to donate £3. You could also maybe tag some of your friends which might encourage others to take part too. While this approach is a more fun and light hearted way to get involved, it will really help us to raise profile with the public and hopefully funds too, so please get involved if you can.

Here are the rules:

  1. Build a tower using household items ONLY (#stayathome)
  2. Share your tower on social media tagging @AberlourCC and donate what you can to our Coronavirus Urgent Assistance Fund:
  3. Challenge three friends to build a #TowerForAberlour

If anyone has any questions or requires any further  information  on any of the above please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our Regional Fundraisers or .

With very best wishes from everyone at Aberlour.


Payment available from renfrweshire Council

Where a family claim clothing grant, Renfrewshire Council have the facility to make a payment to them equivalent to the cost of the free school meal (£11.25 per week).

This payment is being paid into accounts every two weeks and should have been paid into your account already.

If you are entitled and haven’t had your payment, please let us know by emailing Mrs Mazzoni at:

Please Note: As we are unable to access our enquiries email address at the moment, please use the above email address if you need to contact us at all.

P4 – Bulb planting

P4-Bulb planting

Primary 4 are taking part in Edina Trust’s Bulb Project. We have found out lots about plants and what they need to grow.

We also planted our own daffodil bulbs on 31st October 2019. We monitor the temperature and rainfall as often as we can in order to participate in a Nationwide Project regarding climate change.

Our bulbs are now starting to show some shoots. The tallest one in our class measured 21cm.


St. Andrews Day Assembly

This afternoon the whole school enjoyed a St. Andrews Day Assembly. Each class had been recorded performing a Scottish song or poem ( If it Wisnae Fur Yer Wellies, 3 Craws, Ye Cannae Shove Yer Grannie Off a Bus and A Dug, a Dug to name a few) and the videos were played during assembly. Well done to everyone who performed.