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P6 & P7 Cross Country

Yesterday some of our P6 and P7 boys and girls took part in the Renfrewshire Schools Cross Country in Renfrew. Well done to all who took part on such a blustery day. It was great to see our pupils cheering each other on.

Thank you again to our parent helpers for their support.

Getting ready to go:

Limbering up:

We’ve done it! Some of us look a lot happier than others!:



Week 5 in Primary 1

This week Primary 1 had a special visit from the tooth fairy. She left us lots of activities to complete and then she collected our work and took it to show the other fairies in Fairyland.
We did a lot of money work and we worked hard at learning how to add.

Also this week we read “We’re All Wonders” by R.J. Palacio. We learned about how it is good to be different and why we should always be kind to others. We all drew a self-portrait, like there is in the book, and these are now up on our wall display. Also, we identified one thing each that makes us a “wonder” and these have also been included in our display. “The world is big enough for all kinds of people.”

This week we also learned about the stars and constellations. We now know what stars are made of and some different constellations. Then, we all had the chance to design our own star and Miss Payne let us place this on a bit of paper and this created our very own Primary 1 Constellation which has added to our wall display.

Choosing a new Head Teacher

On 26th March we will have an additional Head Teacher for the day.

The children have recently been learning about the world of work. During this time they have researched various jobs and prepared a short speech about a job that they would like to do. On February 23rd they delivered the speech to their class, Their classmates were asked to vote for the talk they found most interesting and engaging.

Here are our class winners:

(Roll your mouse over the pictures to see their job titles)


Today the class winners  presented their talk at assembly and pupils were asked to vote for an overall winner.

The overall winner will be Head Teacher for the day on the 26th March  and all class winners will have tea with Mrs Mazzoni and Mrs Lawson that afternoon.

Raising money for SCIAF

The sale of toast to raise money for SCIAF is doing very well so far.

The Citizenship Group are selling toast for 10p a slice at interval on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays during Lent to raise money for SCIAF.

Please continue to support this great cause, thanks.


Week 3 in Primary 1

The class have been working very hard this week in a number of curricular areas. We have started to learn about our capital letters, continued to learn about money and space, and we also continued to be bucket fillers!

This week we all had a chance to practise writing our capital letters on the SmartBoard and thought about where we use capital letters. Some of the ideas we came up with were: Paisley, Scotland, Earth, at the start of a sentence and at our first and last names. We also played matching games that let us match our lower-case letters to the corresponding upper-case letters, which we did well at.

We updated / finished our Bucket Filling wall display. It is now brighter and it has visuals for us to look at and remember how our class should look, sound and feel like. Miss Payne took our photos which will go up on our wall display to fill the gap and we told her what we do to fill buckets so that she can put that up on our display.

Miss Payne also created a feelings chart for us this week as we did a lot of talking about our feelings and how we show and handle these feelings. This means that each morning when we come into school we can stick our name on the emotion that we are feeling and we can share why we are feeling this if we want.
For our space topic this week we learned all about space travel and how rockets work. We watched a video about this and we also got to watch a real rocket launch! We got the chance to design our own rockets for our wall display so that everyone has a piece of work up on the wall. Then, we wrote 10 things that we would like to take to space, we came up with some great ideas: teddy bear; a friend; a space suit; and a helmet. This is our wall display so far –
Finally, we did some good money work this week. We learned to count 1p coins and add these up. We will continue to work on money next week, introducing the 5p and 10p coins.
Miss Payne

Charity toast- 10p a slice

The Citizenship Group, led by Mrs Lawson, are raising money for SCIAF. During Lent, they are selling toast for 10p per slice, during the morning interval on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  So far we have had quite a queue and hopefully it will continue like that so that we can raise as much as we can.

P7 are in stitches

P7 have recently taken part in some stitching workshops provided by The Paisley Thread Museum. For 3 weeks in January, Stephen, Maureen and Christine visited the school to teach the children some of the history of cotton in Paisley. The children then took part in a stitching workshop.  They created a design on a bobbin shape and  used an embroidery hoop and some basic stitches to embroider their design.



Human Body and Space

This week in Primary One we were looking at the Human Body and we started our new topic about Space.

At the end of last week we took part in some activities about our skeletons and organs and different parts of these. We got to use organ tunics and play SmartBoard games too.

We also got to learn about our senses. We did activities that let us touch lots of different materials and talk about what these felt like. We used words like: soft, fluffy, bumpy, smooth.

We also got to experiment with sound to find out what we could hear. We used words like: loud, quiet, pinging sounds.
We then got to use our eyes to look and see how many of each object we could see on the SmartBoard. This helped us with our counting too!
We also started our Space topic too. We learned about the moon and the sun and what happens with them during the day and at night time.
Along with this, we began learning about the different planets in our solar system and we did a cut and stick activity to help us remember the order of these planets.
We got a chance to have a go at writing about what we might see if we were to travel to the moon.

Finally, this week we learned how to show how we care for our friends. We all wrote a compliment about another in class, these are now up on our wall displayfor us all to see and read.

We did lots of work this week in Primary One and filled each others buckets a lot!

Miss Payne

This week in Primary 1

Hello, I am Miss Payne and I am currently a 3rd year student at University of the West of Scotland.  I will be working within the Primary One classroom for 6 weeks (until March 16th).  Each week there will be a blog update about what the class have been doing in my lessons and it will showcase some of their work.

This week, we read “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” This book is all about being kind to others and “filling each others buckets.” In class, each child has their own bucket and they have the chance to have these filled with pompoms whenever they show kindness or some of the “bucket filling” qualities we came up with together, shown below:

The class have also come up with ways they would like their classroom to look, sound and feel like:

The class have responded very well to this book and have all been trying to fill up their buckets by being kind to one another.  It has encouraged a positive environment within the classroom.  Shown below are the children’s own buckets, as you can see they have all been trying really hard to earn their pompoms!

On Thursday (08.02.18) we will be starting a short sequence of lessons on the Human Body, this will be included in the next post.

Disco Party

Disco Party Night

Come join the fun at our Disco Party night on Thursday 15th February.


P1 to P3 – 6.15 p.m. till 7.15 p.m.

P4 to P7 – 7.30 p.m. till 8.30 p.m.

Entry: £2.00

Cool beats……..Tuck shop……..Glow sticks…….and lots of fun!!

Primary 3/4 Tombola

Primary 3/4 Lunchtime Tombola

Roll Up ! Roll Up!…..Primary 3/4 will be running a tombola as part of their learning topic, ‘Setting up a business’.

The tombola will run each lunchtime from Monday 5th February to Thursday 8th February.

Tickets can be bought for 20p.

Lots of exciting prizes to be won including:

  • Wear your own clothes day
  • Extra playtime for your class
  • DVD afternoon for your class
  • Sit beside a friend for the day


Ladies Night Part 2

Parents & Families Group – Ladies Night

Ladies…..The St. Peters Primary School Parents & Families Group invite you to what should be an enjoyable night out with friends in March.  Get your glad rags on ( heels mandatory!),  dance the night away at the Disco and take part in the stand-up bingo. We hope it will be a full house on the night!!

When: Friday 23rd March 2018 – 7.30 p.m. till late

Where: Blackland Mill Bowling Club

How much: Tickets £5 – available to buy from the school office.

Hope to see you there.

Clyde in the Classroom Project

Image result for free cartoon fish life cycle clipart

Clyde in the Classroom Project

Primary 4 pupils are to be involved in an exciting project to raise brown trout from eggs in a special classroom hatchery. The Clyde in the Classroom project is a Clyde River Foundation initiative that uses the life-cycle of a native Scottish species, the brown trout, to encourage children to engage with nature and develop a positive attitude towards their local environment and its conservation. On Friday 12th January the pupils had a very interesting visit to the Glasgow Science Centre for the project launch.

They are now eagerly awaiting the arrival of the eggs and hatchery to their classroom, where they will raise the trout and then release them into the environment before the Easter break.

We will keep you posted on how they are progressing.


P1 Registration


Children who reach 5 years of age between 1 March 2018 and 28 February 2019 inclusive, should be registered for education in their catchment school on either Wednesday 10th January 2018 or Thursday 11th January 2018. Registration will take place between 1300 hrs – 1500 hrs.

Parents should produce their child’s birth certificate and 2 proofs of address.

We look forward to seeing you on the day.

School Christmas Show

A decorated Christmas tree.We are proud to present our  fantastic Christmas Show.

P1 – P3 will perform the Nativity Story.

P 4- P7 will entertain you with ‘Cinderella‘.



Performances on:

Tuesday 12th December

Wednesday 13th December

Thursday 14th December

Doors open at 1pm with show beginning at 1.30pm.

There will be an opportunity to purchase raffle tickets and a bottle tombola from the Parent Council.

Primary 3/4 Leisure Centre Day

Primary 3/4 are opening a leisure centre for a day in the gym hall on Wednesday 29th March.  All classes will be timetabled to visit and activities will include: basketball, football, dancing, gymnastics, games and pretend swimming.  There will also be a café serving water.

All activities and the café are free to take part in.

Enjoy the day!

Cyber Coach Fundraising Event

SCIAF Logo largeCyber coach Day – Friday 17th March

The fundraising group have organised a cyber coach day to raise money for SCIAF. Cyber coach is a virtual dance instructor and dance mat system which will be set up in the gym hall for the day. The cost is £1 per child or £2 for a family. Please ensure your child has his/her gym shoes with him/her for the event as each class will be timetabled to take part.

Thank you

The Fundraising Group


Athlete Visit Friday 24th February

On Friday 24th February we had a fantastic visitor to our school, GB Long Jumper Jade Nimmo.  She took part in a great healthy fundraiser activity.  She also took some time to talk to us about what inspired her and how she finds the energy for all of her training.  We all had a great time working with her.

Come back soon and see the photo gallery for this amazing day.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Fairtrade Fortnight

This year Fairtrade fortnight takes place from 27th February to 12th March.  We have already held our coffee morning, many thanks to those of you who managed along.

The children have also decided to fundraise further. Guess the birthday of the Fairtrade Bear and raffle tickets for a Fairtrade chocolate explosion box will be available from Tuesday 21st February.  Tickets will be priced at 50p for each and you can purchase as many as you would like.  Many thanks for your continued support.

Mrs Campbell & Fairtrade Citizenship group


Safer Internet

sid2017_logo_ukInternet Safety – Safer Internet Day 2017 will take place on Tuesday 7th February with the theme ‘Be the change: unite for a better internet’.  Each term we discuss Internet Safety and encourage children to discuss things that are doing online.  If you would like further information on keeping your child safe online go to  This includes ideas for discussions and guidance for parents.